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Bryan Singer, known for his work on the X-Men movies, decided to make a Superman film in 2006, which is a sequel to 1980's Superman II and completely disregards the plots of Superman III and Superman IV: The Quest for Peace, which critics cite as two of the worst Superman-themed films ever made. The film was known as Superman Returns. The movie received generally positive reviews from many film critics, and gained a high percentage on review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes. However, the movie was negatively received by several DC Comics fanboys, and it's ironic for them because many of these fanboys also hated Superman III and Superman IV (even my brother kinda hates it, too!).

However, Superman Returns is not the subject for this article. What is the subject is a canceled Superman film project by J. J. Abrams, who was known for his work on Lost, the Star Trek reboot films, and the upcoming Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens. The project in question is known as Superman: Flyby. The title sounds very, very cool, and I kinda wished that this movie was made!

The story goes like this:

In July 2002, J. J. Abrams wrote the script for the abandoned Superman film project, and sent it to Warner Bros. Pictures. The film was going to be an origin story of Superman, and it also involves a civil war between his father Jor-El and Kata-Zor, his evil brother. Lex Luthor was also going to be featured as a government agent who is crazy about the UFO phenomena. Superman also gets killed and visits Jor-El in Kryptonian heaven. Superman then rises back from the dead, and eventually defeats the evil Kryptonians who are attacking Earth, including Kata-Zor. The script ends with Superman travelling to Krypton in a spaceship. In September 2002, Brett Ratner was hired to direct, and it was going to start filming in late 2003. Many famous actors, like Smallville's Tom Welling, Brendan Fraser, and even the late Paul Walker were hired to play Superman. Ashton Kutcher and Bones' David Boreanaz auditioned for the role of the Big Blue Cheese (Shazam is nicknamed "The Big Red Cheese", so can Superman's nickname be similar, too?).

Superman: Flyby was going to have a $200 million budget. Sadly, the project was canceled because of problems with the locations (Warner Bros. wanted most parts of the film to be done in Australia, but Abrams had a fear of flying!). Thus, Abrams was fired, and was replaced by Bryan Singer.

I bet Superman: Flyby would've been an easy-to-watch, very fun Superman film. I would even think that Tom Welling would've played an awesome Superman like what he did in Smallville.

What do you guys think?


Do you wish "Superman: Flyby" would have been made?


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