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After the failure of the movie, League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (LXG as on the poster), I've come to know that a reboot is being planned. So while discussing this on Facebook, my Co-Creator, Jonathan E Weaver, gave me a fan cast challenge. You can view his original post here. Now as the original movie was considered a failure and also considered, "The End To Sean Connery's Career", this one's gotta be extra- Xtraordinary!

Now personally I didn't find it to be as bad a film, but leaving that discussion for another time, I present, my fan-cast for the movie!

The guys to beat!
The guys to beat!

Note: In some cases I'll be presenting the actors I considered too, as the competition was TOO tough!

Allan Quatermain:

One of the main considerations for this one was the appearance. About 50 or more years of age. Not like Tom Cruise, who's about 50 and still looks as young as ever! Also the wisdom that comes with age, should reflect upon the face.

Didn't make it to the Shortlist:

Tom Hanks (He's a great actor, has the "wise" look. But I doubt he'll fit the "rugged" character.)

Michael Keaton

Ken Watanabe

The Competition:

George Clooney: One of the most loved actors to grace the screen. Would be great for an action involving role.

Bryan Cranston: Wise and Bad-Ass, if you want these two together, Walter White is the person to go to! Though if you've got the bespectacled bald look in your head, check out this picture!

Colin Firth: Among the actors who blur the fine line between great acting and money making flicks! After enjoying him in Kingsman I'd sure enjoy him here!

Daniel Day Lewis: Arguable the best actor, of our age at least! 'Nuff Said

Pierce Brosnan: From one Bond to another?

Liam Neeson: Great action movie star!


Who Do You Want?

And The Winner Is...

Liam Neeson: He'd find me and kill me if I didn't declare him victor!

Captain Nemo:

This guy is one of my favorite characters. Mainly because he's by Jules Verne, all of Verne's characters are so beautifully made. He's a got an interesting backstory. And the aura of mystery just adds to the charm.

The Competition:

Naseeruddin Shah: Who says the original cannot return?

Kamal Haasan: Honestly, I haven't seen too many of his movies, but he's a great actor.

Nana Patekar: One of the best and downright crazily awesome characters from Bollywood. He's quite famous for playing anti-heroes.

Ben Kingsley: Because he is just *WOW*

And The Winner Is...

Kamal Haasan: Great actor, fits the look. Personally, it'd be interesting to see him don this role.

Mina Harker:

From the original vampire story before they were turned into chick flicks. She's dark and there's not much I know about her, but this' going to be interesting!

The Competition:

Kangana Ranaut: The Bad-Ass from B-Town, she's done some amazing acting and time and again wow-ed us with her versatility! Most recently by playing a double-role, with 2 of India's "Toughest To Imitate Dialects".

Tilda Swinton: She might seem a bit old, but with a possible entrance into the MCU, I'm not gonna' count her out!

Margot Robbie: Had most guys go crazy after showing some skin... sorry skills in The Wolf of The Wall Street, she seems to be one of the most promising actresses working today!

Kristen Stewart: This one's just for the laughs! Well, she wouldn't have much problem being vamp-ey, she's already used to it!

Helena Bonham Carter: The name, is enough!

The Winner Is...

Kristen Stewart: Okay you can all hate me for this one, but she's the first American to win a Cesare Award! She's worked with the auteur David Fincher, alongside Jared Leto, Jodie Foster, Forrest Whittaker! And from what I know Woody Allen's picking her for his next too! Let's just give her a chance! And I haven't seen Twilight, so lucky me...

Dorian Gray:

Oscar Wilde's only novel, and a true beauty. The Picture of Dorian Gray presents beautiful philosophy in a wonderful way! For me, there was no competition in this, maybe because I got too lazy...

Orlando Bloom: A pompous, self-loving dude, I guess I can see Bloom pulling it off very well! Also, something interesting, he wasn't in The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey and people seemed to hate it! He wasn't in Pirates of the Caribbean 4 people hated that one too! So I guess people don't hate the movies he's in, all the more reason to get him in.

The Invisible Man:

The film doesn't say too much about this one, and he's different from the original H.G. Wells book and the comic too, so I'm simply placing this one on intuition.

I guess that's your reaction seeing this choice...
I guess that's your reaction seeing this choice...

Aaron Paul: Okay, I'm a Breaking Baddict, but still, a cunning character, coming into place by stealing. A bit mischievous. Aaron Paul should do a good job, though I admit he's yet to shine in movies, but I simply cannot get Jesse out of my head!

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde:

Honestly, I haven't been a big fan of the book, but this sure is a very interesting character. So without any competition (any my laziness), the victor is

Johnny Depp: Split personality, a bit of craziness. And of course, two different looks, Master of Disguise Johnny Depp should pull it off!

Well, this was my first fan-cast, hope you guys enjoyed reading as much as I enjoyed pondering over this! Do comment with your views :)

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