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“These ARE the night lights you are looking for…”

So, somehow we survived Star Wars Celebration in Anaheim. We were overwhelmed with the sheer amount of amazing things that are on the Star Wars horizon and the Canadian company, 3D LightFX showed off some of our absolute favorite, must-have items.

Both Yoda and Darth Vader lights are available at TARGET.COM

Fans of past 3DLightFX Deco lights will be pleased to hear that they have improved on the design with this new offering. Each light still comes with a crack sticker and mounting hardware but these have a remote control as well as a 30 minute timer. Yep, kiss your kids goodnight, set the timer, close the door and these beauties will shut themselves off after your children slip into a peaceful slumber. (And yes, they are still cordless and battery operated, so no messy wires hanging everywhere!)

These amazing lights never get hot to the touch and you never need to change out the LED lights as they are rated to last an astonishing 40,000 hours! These features and their overall, jaw-dropping appeal make them perfect for almost any room in the house. Whether you wish to spruce up your infants room or enhance your office, 3DLightFX has something for everyone. Their line up includes Marvel, Nickelodeon, Hasbro, Disney and more. They also have Minions, Spongebob Squarepants, and My Little Pony products on the way.

Stay tuned and we will let you know what else they have in store for you. We saw a few of their other Star Wars lights that are coming out and they too are out of this world. Follow 3DLightFX on TWITTER and check out their OFFICIAL WEBSITE to see their entire line up of products.



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