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H.P. Lovecraft was an American author of the early 20th century, who is best known for his contributions to the Sci-Fi, Horror and Fantasy genres. Seen as one of the most influential writers of all time, his fame was received posthumous, as he died relatively unknown and poor. His contributions though will live on for many years to come, as this week on Mario Likes Movies, we cover his life, his work and his influence.

Born Howard Phillips Lovecraft in Providence, RI in 1890, his father was committed to a mental asylum when Lovecraft was only three. Raised by his mother, who projected psychosomatic illnesses onto him, Lovecraft became a recluse for most of his life, developing a very pallid complexion and darkened eyes due to lack of sunlight.

He began writing stories at eight years old, but being very self-conscious and introverted, he didn't publish his first story until 1916, at 26 years old. His mother was eventually committed to the same asylum as his father, where she died in 1921.This, along with his fathers demise, provided the influence of many of his stories, which centered heavily around madness and fear.

Soon after he met his wife, Sonia Greene, with whom he moved to Red Hook in Brooklyn, NY in 1924. After falling on hard times together, they eventually divorced. Lovecraft stayed in Brooklyn alone, continually writing, and eventually moving back to Providence in 1936. His terrible experience living in NYC provided the inspiration for some of his most famous stories, including the creation of his infamous Cthulhu.

After returning to Providence, he worked as an editor for other writers, including Harry Houdini. Lovecraft was diagnosed with cancer and died poor, and relatively unknown, of malnutrition in 1937.

The waves his work has created since his death, on the horror and sci-fi genres are astounding. More works of fiction have been based on his work than almost any other writer of the 20th century, even spawning a widely known belief that his fictional creation, The Necronomicon, is real.

After his death, multiple unknown stories of his were found and eventually published. Many having been rejected by publishers previously, some found in the drawers in his home, including his novel The Case Of Charles Dexter Ward which has been adapted countless times.

So many modern horror films are based upon his stories, that there are films based on other films, which derive from his work. Films such as Banshee Chapter, heavily based upon the film From Beyond, is loosely adapted from his short story.

Many directors and writers in Hollywood take their cues from Lovecrafts work, including Brian Yuzna, Stuart Gordon, Clive Barker, Stephen King and even Cecil B Demille. The Re-Animator, The Evil Dead, In The Mouth Of Madness, Cabin in the Woods, and The Mist are just some of the films produced from Lovecrafts stories.

As he died with no family or children, his work was owned by a publishing company, and eventually fell into the public domain, allowing readers, writers, and storytellers the world over to use his stories as they please. You can find the complete works of H.P. Lovecraft available for purchase at just about any bookstore you come across, or you can find them in PDF form online (again, public domain, so it’s legal and free) at

Listen in as we discuss everything there is to know about Howard Phillips Lovecraft and his work, that we could fit into one show!

Mario Likes Movies - Episode 61: The Life & Works of HP Lovecraft


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