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So in just over a year Captain America's third movie Captain America Civil War will be hitting cinemas worldwide with a bunch of Marvel's biggest characters like;

+ Iron Man

+ Black Widow

+ Hawkeye

+ War Machine

+ Falcon

+ The Winter Soilder aka Bucky

+ Ant Man

+ Possibly Black Panther and loads more.

But that's all we know about the film the characters and that's it. We still have tones of question's like...What makes Iron Man and Cap turn on each other? At the end of The Avengers Age Of Ultron we saw some of the Avengers leave for a while and that's it, there was no sort of conflict between Iron Man and Cap they simply seemed like normal team mates. They didn't argue of anything Iron Man just drove off in his new car while Cap stayed at the Avengers new Headquarters with his new team of Avengers including Black Widow, Falcon, Vision, Scarlett Witch and War Machine. Everything was fine so how does come about to Avengers fighting one another.

LOLAvenger t
LOLAvenger t

Is Red Skull going to be making an apperence in Civil War? It doesn't seem likely after seeing him being beamed into space by the space gem (tesseract) in Captain America The First Avenger so it doesn't really seem likely we'll being seeing him, but who knows Marvel always manage to surprise us.

Could Captain America die in Civil War? We all know from the comics Iron Man killed Captain America but we all know Marvel don't always stick to the comic books and if Cap was to die who would pick up the shield and take the responsibility of being Captain America? Anyone who has read the comics knows there 2 options which we have seen in the MCU...there's Cap old best friend and assassin Bucky Barnes aka The Winter Soilder and the other Sam Wilson aka Falcon Caps probably most loyal comrad.

There's tones of questions for this movie. And hopefully they will be answered within the next year with images and clips being lecked almost every month now.

Example of leaked photo.
Example of leaked photo.


Is all this stuff being leaked of the set of Civil War getting you more excited for the movie?


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