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All I can say is... damn. George Miller is around 70 years old and STILL kicking more ass than any 20-30 year old can do (Yeah, I'm talking to YOU Joss Whedon). That's why i gave it ten stars. It was a blast from the first frame. I was hooked.

With amazing characters and awesome story, as well as mind-blowing car chases, it still managed to grasp a firm character driven plot in the midst of trucks and motorcycles exploding.

When I first saw the previews, I was worried. Really worried. Yes, I was excited, but worried. It could've been really bad or really REALLY good. It turned out to be the latter, which is a surprising feat for today's movies.

It's very early, but I think it's necessary to consider it's Oscar choices.

1. Visual Effects (Hands down, no CGI, but still amazing)

2. Sound Mixing/Editing (I mean, the f&$ DOOF WAGON!)

3. Best Score (Junkie XL has earned my respect)

4. Best Actress; Charlize Theron (She was AMAAAAAZZZZIIIINNG)

5. Best Makeup

6. Best Editing

7. Best Cinematography

So, all in all, George Miller is a FREAKING GENIUS THAT IS BACK! HE'S BACK BABY HE'S BACK! lol

Go see this movie, preferably in 3-D. It's two hours of non-stop, crap your pants, edge of your seat, amazement. You WON'T be dissappointed!


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