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The first season of Fox's Batman origin show, Gotham, ended with a bang (and a splash...) as we saw some comic book favorites alongside brand new characters battling it out to rule the city.

The show surprised many viewers with the sheer volume of established characters involved - alongside a young Bruce Wayne and Jim Gordon, the series introduced us to most of the major Batman villains at various ages. Many of these confused or annoyed long-term fans of the comic books, as they involved some fairly major changes to the timelines in the comics. However, it seems that these critics aren't stopping writers from continuing to showcase soon-to-be villains in the second season.

Harvey Dent, who made a brief appearance in the first season, will be one of many returning for season two in a bigger way, as revealed in this tweet from Nicholas D'Agosto, who played the assistant DA in three episodes so far.

In the show so far, Dent did some work with Gordon, and is considered one of the few uncorrupted lawyers in Gotham city. However, some unorthodox methods during his brief time with Jim ended up with the detective as a security guard at Arkham, suggesting that Jim may be reticent to turn to him again in future. Harvey's introduction in the show portrayed him as very much on the side of good, but we did get a little glimpse at his darker and more violent side during an altercation with Lovecraft (a criminal and suspect in his case). It's a small hint of things to come, and with his upgrade to season regular, we will undoubtedly start to see this hatred of corruption start to twist the upright citizen.

We don't know yet quite how much of Harvey we'll be seeing in the upcoming season, and while I'm excited to see this character develop, I doubt that he'll become a focus for the show for quite some time. Penguin was clearly the main villain of season one, and from the events of the finale, I would theorize that Nygma will be in the spotlight for season two, but as the show enjoys simultaneously building multiple characters, there will undoubtedly be lots more of Two-Face coming up.

How do you feel about this addition to the regular cast of season 2? Comment and let me know!

Gotham returns to Fox this September.


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