ByJanessa Ysaguirre, writer at

All schools like to say it is a "bully free zone" and "your kid is in good hands"

but are they really telling parents the truth?schools are starting to not realize how serious bullying is !

when you go to the main source and tell them you are being bullied there has been responses as "well it was no precise enough!"


kids get away with bullying daily some kids do not show it and don't talk to there parents about it .. It gets so bad to some kids they self harm they commit suicide THEY THINK THEY ARE WORTHLESS!

because of words ..of girls who do not even matter ..pushes ..that didn't even hurt but we're enough to make them mad ..even teachers ! TEACHERS participate in this .

they choose favorites get told they are okay when they just needed someone to talk to and instead of helping them ..they chose there "favorites " and have there back!

coaches turn back and chose to make sure everyone else is okay ..but not you when they know YOU are the one hurting ..never trust a school a teacher or even the main source sadly A PRINCIPLE to think that they will fix your problem because it is physically proven that they don't .that kids get bullied everyday and nothing is done about it because what?

They are your favorite kid ?

its not procice enough?

to much to handle ?


teachers need to man up .do there job

they don't need attitude when parents get mad because there kid is being bullied and nothing is done they need support

no eye rolling

no raising your voice

YALL ARE TEACHERS not movie stars now man up and stop acting like your better

when kids are getting told they are fat and can't be on a team BY A COACH

or even getting pushed around Everyday

going home crying because you think you aren't good enough .

well think again because YOU are good enough and they people who bully are just not able to exept them selfs so they let there anger ..there sad life ..out on you .



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