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Welcome to your update of all things happening in the Moviepilot Community. From having phone interviews with the stars to watching early screenings of films, we're always looking to get you the coolest opportunities to get you closer to Hollywood. Here's a listing of what we've hooked you up with last week!

Last week we held a contest for Creators to join us for the Critics Choice Awards!

Tyler Callaway won with these amazing contest entries, here... and here!

If you missed the contest or didn't win this one, don't worry! We have another fun contest running this week!

For more information on how to enter click here!

E. Winston got a screening link to Sunshine Superman!

Want to know why Carl Boenish lived a life without limits? Read E. Winston's review here!

Rebecca Raymer caught an early screening of Aloha!

Besides having Rachael McAdams, Emma Stone, and Bradley Cooper, what makes this film so great? Read Rebecca's article here!

Christina Tenisha received a screening link for I Believe in Unicorns!

Interested in a 'coming of age' film that has a unique take to it? Find out why it's unique here.

Tom Somerfield went London Comic-Con 2015!

Interested in what goes on in a London Comic-Con?! Check out Tom's article here!


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