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We all have seen that psycho movie of Christian Bale. Its mu personal favourite. and these are those kinda movies you don't want to make it publicly say for instance revealing your favourite movie as "american psycho" on a dinner table with family at dinner time. That would be awkward. i know . even in front of your girlfriend will find suspicious about you having same characteristics somewhere inside you like 'Patrick Bateman' if she knows you keep watching that movie and you like to talk about it a lot, you adore it.

Apart from that, the movie is epic. And I like such bizarre movies. Mainly I liked it because of Bateman's personalty shown in the movie: rich, a man who believes in taking care of himself (more than a woman) that was impressive.

But the only thing we get frustrated or loose our minds is when we talk bout the ending of that movie. There are many assumptions on the internet but those r still very much unclear to me so I have come up with something pretty much exact meaning of what really happened in Patrick's life.

First of all Lemme explain you from the scratch.

  • He believe he is a very rich guy and very much good looking person

  • He has a great arrogance and jealousy towards other people who even try to show off a bit. Patrick gets insecure and all those jealousy thoughts gives birth to an evil thinking. that's nature!

  • He has such personality where a person wants to rule the world and wants everyone to believe he is above them all. That's a pretty much bad disorder. people really have it , I am not sure how they end up!

  • Now If we have noticed, Patrick Bateman was having pills . which was most probably an overdose .
Bateman taking unknown pills while calling Jean.
Bateman taking unknown pills while calling Jean.

The wrtier hidden this secret very cleaverly. Its hard to notice. But that explains a lot, everything I suppose.

So Now this is my conclusion of my assumption,

  • Patrick got his qualities misused due to his hjealousy and arrogance.
  • And due to overdose of those drugs he was having made him sick and more contained with insecurity which leads to such disturbing thoughts and actions.
  • He actually killed Allen Paul and others because if he didn't then how that police officer came into picture?!
  • He killed all of them in real but he didn't kept their dead bodies or ate them, that was the part of his hallucinations or side affects to the drugs he was having. That is why he didn't find any bodies.
  • His lawyer took him as a real psycho and better thought to maintain safe distance from him. So he somehow ignored his confessions by saying "he had dinner with Allen Paul 10 days ago " so that he wont disturb him.

That queer face of Lawyer.
That queer face of Lawyer.

And in the end, Patrick finds himself conving about all the murders were true and he just got lucky. And so he will still wants to continue the same Patrick Bateman.

SO if you agree with my assumption then comment below and if you don't then also comment below and tell me why.???????? -_-


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