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Both DC & Marvel universes have clashed together now, to make one bona fide universe. Thee universe!

Starting off:

The Joker

The strange, unpredictable Joker himself. Now i'm gonna have to go with Jared Leto's version. His Joker offers something we haven't really seen on film before. As Jared Leto quotes his idea of the Joker is described as simply "A beautiful disaster" and also, described being "Majestic" So that will make him little more interesting.


Now Marv is from comics known as Sin City. He is a brute! There is no fight that he could not handle. He is his own backup. He can be intelligent and then he can be stupid at times too. He is known to be very reckless. When he fights, he unleashes unrelenting, brutal force, every punch, kick or headbutt he gives. Marv cannot be stopped, guns or no guns, he is the unstoppable. Marv could definitely play important part in The Sucide Squad.


Venom from the Marvel Universe, is a force not to be reckoned with. Venom is known to be very sadistic, cruel and extremely violent! He has known to be an anti-hero, but he is more villian than he is hero. Venom can pretty much shape shift, he can make himself bigger if he wanted too. Nothing can with hold the demonic alien symbiote. He is known to have betrayed others in the past, so he really can't be trusted, but with the strength that he has and can offer, but watch out, he can be very clever and sly. Venom would fit perfectly in the Sucide Squad.


Last but not least, Lobo. He is part of a true demonic force, could be compared to Ghost Rider and Spawn, but i think he has much more to offer, much more grittier. He can be clever and smart, but he is much more brawns. The power he holds is so tremendous and unbelievable, it can be described as hell! I think he would make The Suicide Squad complete.


So there you have it, the new Suicide Squad, vicious and deadly, like never before. All in all, we got The Joker, Marv, Venom, and Lobo. Each one of them are distinctively unique in their own ways. The Suicide Squad from another universe.


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