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There are so many great villains out there. Some are incredibly strong. Some are amazingly brilliant. Some are just over-the-top evil. But what do you really need on a team that’s going on a suicide mission? How about some comic relief. This team is dedicated to the villains that have made us laugh more than any others.

Suicide Squad - Funny Foursome

Sideshow Bob - The Simpsons

The killer. Krusty’s old sidekick may not be the most popular character on The Simpson’s, but he has been a fixture on the show for a long time. I mean, what makes for a better villain than a psychopathic serial killer? Bob has carried his vendetta against the Simpson family for years and probably gotten more and more insane with each failure. Every team needs a ruthless killer and a little bit of crazy.

Vector - Despicable Me

The tech. Every team needs a little bit of useful technology. Surrounded by a room full of enemies? Piranha gun! Need to transport something impossibly large? Shrink ray! Sure he may not be the most successful criminal of all time. He may not be the most successful anything of all time. But at least Vector will provide this team with a little bit of direction and magnitude. OH YEAH!

Betty - Kung Pow: Enter the Fist

The muscle. He may have a woman’s name, but make no mistake, Betty is a viscous fighter. Especially when you throw on some MC Hammer. Enemies better watch out for his metal claws. And of course there’s always the paralyzer! And if you think that’s bad, then he hits you with another paralyzer! Plus he’s got some great jokes...

Dr. Evil - Austin Powers Trilogy

The leader. Probably the clearest choice for the team (sorry I made you wait). He is an evil genius. He comes up with some of the most epic plans to hold the world hostage. SCOTTY DON’T! From “Preparation H” to “The Alan Parsons Project”, Dr. Evil has had some brilliant schemes. He can come up with the plan that will allow this team to accomplish their goals. With him at the helm, this team is worth one million bajillion fafillion shabadadydooobamillion...


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