ByAubrey Stingley, writer at

A lot of people in the LoK (Legend of Korra) fandom are fighting about:Korrasami or No?After the fantastic season 4 ending,people started shipping (pairing) "Korrasami".Korrasami is a ship that consists of Korra,the main character and Asami, one of her friends.

The end of the last episode, was Korra and Asami holding hands looking in each other's eyes,before going in the spirit portal.most people assumed that this meant that Korra and Asami were now a couple and the producers cut off a kissing scene.

Some people say we shouldn't`t assume that they are dating.Though the producers said that Korrasami was official,the non-shippers say that it is just so they can satisfy the fans.Also they say that Korra and Asami are too good of friends to just date.

The Korrasami shippers are believing the producers and shipping it still.They say they have seen kiss scenes (like in the previous season),and it looked like a "pre-kiss" scene.The korrasami shippers also say that they are such good friends that they should date.

People all have strong opinions,and a believer that there fight is long from over.


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