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The first time I was exposed to Duncan Jones (@ManMadeMoon) was when he directed "Moon" starring Sam Rockwell. "Moon" didn't get the wide release love so but fortunately for me I lived close enough to drive to Los Angeles for a limited release screening. The film "Moon" was excellent, with only a $5 million dollar budget it looked stellar. Every moment felt like the set of the moon itself. The storytelling ability was crystal clear from Duncan Jones.

The performance by Sam Rockwell made this film my personal favorite of all his lead roles. An argument could be made that without the performance of Sam Rockwell in "The Green Mile", the film wouldn't have kept the eyes of the audience open. Sam Rockwell can surely knock it out of the park whether his role is big or small and the casting choice for "Moon" was perfect. Even in casting Kevin Spacey as the robot with the opposite personality as that of Hal from "2001 Space Odyssey".

Duncan Jones directing Warcraft
Duncan Jones directing Warcraft

Duncan Jones will celebrate his 44th Birthday this Saturday and I wonder if he could roll back the clock with hindsight, if he'd still pursue the director's chair for the film adaptation of world's most popular computer game ever "Warcraft". I've seen other directors express regrets for taking on such large projects in which take up many years of their directing careers. The first example that comes to my mind is Guillermo del Toro and his long journey toward and eventual exit in directing the "Hobbit" films. Just thinking that he was going to direct it makes me upset it didn't happen. Those movies were terrible, prequels terrible. Sorry Peter Jackson but you peaked at "Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring" and steadily declined ever since.

"Warcraft" has had an interesting history. Rumors of a film started long before any official announcements. All those who wanted a World of Warcraft movie the most are likely long gone from their hardcore addiction and thus lost the perfect window of opportunity. I still think that if done well the movie will draw outrageous support and interest, but the timing is just far off. I remember seeing concept art almost a decade before Duncan Jones was plucked for the director's seat.

I am hopeful the film will deliver, but man, it sure feels like the film has been in production for decades. I find humor in hearing Duncan Jones saying he's willing to do a "Warcraft" sequel, and he hasn't even crossed the first over-half decade marathon yet.

There haven't been any real successful film adaptations based on games yet. We got to see "Prince of Persia", "Doom", "Hitman", "Resident Evil", "Lara Croft: Tomb Raider", "Mortal Kombat", and more than a few more. There are plenty of differences, including the genre only realistically shared with Lord of the Rings. I think the studio, Blizzard Entertainment, is taking special care of their crown jewel product. Unfortunately for Duncan Jones, he'll get yet another Birthday before we get to see one of the most anticipated films of the last decade, for the last decade.

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An Orc from Warcraft
An Orc from Warcraft

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