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okay I want to talk more about anime on here! anime is something I love and hold very dear to my heart but there are people out there who haven't experienced an amazing anime yet. so I want to do a top 10 list for newbies to anime. I suggest you check out any one of the series seeing as they're all beautiful pieces of work with beautiful art ,great sub and dub voice actors,great in depth characters and complex amazing story line, or just all around badass. now this list is it any particular order. But before I start the list I'm going to give a couple honorable mentions

5 honorable mentions: closed 2.Fullmetal Alchemist 3.ghost in the shell Stand Alone Complex 4. Gurren Lagann 5.Sailor Moon

ok now the top 10 list

1."Cowboy bebop" is considered the number one anime of all time. it's everything you could ever want in an anime. purely f****** amazing

2."samurai Champloo" the fighting in this anime is superb.the main characters are super badass but not op.which makes for some insane intense fights!

3."trigun" has a older style of animation that is just still so clean and Rich. the character of vash the stampede is one of my favorite characters to date in anime

4. "FLCL" is my favorite anime of all time. it's just so amazing especially for being very short at only 6 episodes but I love the art, the characters, and one of the best soundtracks of all time. I love this anime watch it please!

5."Inuyasha" is just really fun and it's a great adventure. a must see for kids and adults you can watch this anime with your children.

6."naruto" is one of the most beloved anime and manga there is.with awesome characters ,great story lines, and the protagonist that you can really care for and feel for and follow and hope for the best in his journey. truly an amazing series

7."Shin chan" is a story about a bad ass little kid that is hilarious.this show is hilarious and raunchy and can hang with the likes of Family Guy and The Simpsons although I would not recommend you let your children watch it. but it's a great show you should check out

8."high school of the dead" is so amazing and we've been waiting a long time for season 2. now I'm not too keen on the whole zombie craze but this show is f****** amazing

9."sword art online" is hands down one of the best animes I've seen the last couple years! this anime is the s***! I would have a kid with this anime! watch it watch it watch it watch it watch it

10."kill la kill"also another great anime to come out in the last couple years. insane animation, funny cool characters,and some of the most badass fight scene ever.this anime is truly something different and something special

ok that completes my top 10 list.I hope I've inspired you to go out and check out some of these animes. I'll try to improve my post and add thumbnails next time for each anime.cause there are many more top ten list coming, more anime posts,if you want to check on any of these animes I suggest you run out to the closest internet and find that awesome anime goodness (Archer voice) wooooooooooooooooo.

see you next time space cowboy!


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