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Missy/The Mistress/ The Master from Doctor Who

I believe Missy is a very wise choice for my personal suicide squad. She is cold and ruthless, but comes with a rather manipulative smile. She's definetely not afraid to kill someone if she has to. The most unique ability Missy would have as a member of my suicide squad is her ability to regenerate. Missy is a Time Lord, an alien race from the planet of Gallifrey. Regeneration is a special ability Time Lords can use when their body is dying. Regeneration allows Time Lords to make their body a new craetion so to speak, a whole new look and personality, but the same person with the same memories.

Galen Marek/Vader's Apprentice from Star Wars:The Force Unleashed

Galen Marek was Darth Vader's secret apprentice and did a number of missions for him. In the end, he turned out to be a puppet used by Vader. Marek has an excellent command of the force, I would go to say he is more powerful then Vader and Luke Skywalker. After all the damage he put up with on Vader's mission, in the end he still sustained. I believe Marek's command of the force and his excellent lightsaber skills would make a great member of my personal suicide squad.

Wesley Gibson from Wanted

Wesley Gibson was an average guy who was pissed off at the world, his boss and just about everything else you can think of. He didn't do a thing about his problems until he met Fox, an assassin trained by The Fraternity. Wesley joined The Fraternity and learned that the panic attacks he was diagnosed with were actually like a sort of super power. He could speed up his heart rate to give him a sort of... super adrenaline rush. This allowed him to curve bullets and do many things the average citizen couldn't. With his don't give a damn attitude, and his tactical thinking, he would be perfect for a recruit of my personal suicide squad.

Loki from Thor

Loki is known as the god of mischief. He's a mastermind and can take the form of just about anyone. Need I say More? He's a perfect choice.

This is my first article, sorry if you didn't like it.


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