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We know that we will get to see Karai, Bebop, Rocksteady, Baxter Stockman, and Casey Jones in the new TMNT movie but in a universe with so many interesting and cool caracters my question is who else would you want to see in the new movie? Keep in mind with a movie with so many caracter as it is I am not suggesting that Michael Bay would ever over crowd the movie by having to many new caracters but in a fantasy world these are the ones I would love to see on the big screen.

1) Usagi Yojimbo

He is a samurai rabbit for crying out loud who wouldn't want to see him in a movie. Besides that he would add a more serious tone to the group and add to the ninja quality of the group. He is honorable and driven which would take away some of the childishness of the first movie. Usagi will give Leo's caracter a direction and place to go. Right now as it stands Leo is the only serious caracter besides splinter among the group of heroes so he has no place to grow or improve. Usagi can challenge him on a peer level allowing him to grow and improve as a leader.

2) Triceratons


The Triceraton are a race of alien triceratops who can walk, talk, and are absolute beasts to fight. This opens up a great opportunity to take the Turtles story in a direction it hasn't gone before. We've done the Turtles vs Shredder story many many times and a shake up done right could be very interesting. A mortal combat story line with the turtles fight to defend the planet earth from a Triceraton invasion would be right up Michael Bay's alley.

3) The Punk Frogs

Ok I know these may not be the most unique caracters in the universe but this is fantasy and if played as vilians they could be total Bad A$$. Each turtle has their counter part in the group and would give each turtle a chance to shine in a different way. Having Baxter Stockman create them and use them against the turtles would add some depth to Baxter's story and might allow the turtles to have an adventure outside of New York and into the swamp where they belong. This also lends itself to the introduction of ............

4) Leatherhead

Who doesn't want to see this. Seriously I want to see the original bayou Leatherhead with the jeans, vest, and blue jeans. I want the cajun accent and the complete ridiculous nature of the original. He could be a walking, talking, alligator version of Jason Vorhees fighting Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles what more could Michael Bay ask for.

I know these are all completely over the top and would most likely never be in the movie but these are my fantasy caracters who I want to see in a TMNT movie. Now I want you to tell me who you want to see in your fantasy TMNT movie.


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