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I am definitely not a huge DC fan. I LOVE Marvel though! Also I LOVE villains so I wanted to make my own Suicide Squad. There will probably be alot of kick ass women on here because I hate damsels in distress!

I'll pick the "leader" at the end. And have a poll. I'm not starting small though!

Number One. Regina Mills

Would anyone screw with Regina's happiness? Yes actually. Rumple and the author. But they don't stand a chance with the team she will be on!

Number Two. Madison Montgomery

Yes if your wondering. I LOVE TELEVISION! Let's be honest. We all loved the Witches in the Coven. My favorite was Misty but being this list is for villains I thought the beautiful, cold, tough decision making Madison would be perfect. All the Witches are bad ass though!

I love women without power too. This I where I would normally put a powerless one. Like my favorite Black Widow. Or Hit Girl! Maybe even the Bride. But they are heroes and that is not what my list is for. So I'm going to try a more classic character!

Number 3. Maleficent

I absolutely adore Angelina Jolie and I loved the new movie. The old Maleficent could have kicked way more ass though. In reality Philip wouldn't have lasted five seconds. This bitch is a dragon! I mean come on!

Number Four. Reagan (The Exorcist)

We are all terrified of the thought of something like this occuring. Such an innocent girl being inhabited by like 7 demons. You don't want to even step in a room with this girl. She might be like the Hulk of this team. Unattainable by the rest. Maybe we do need Black Widow for a lullaby.

Number Five. Carrie

I will admit Sissy Spacek's Carrie scare was much more terrifying than Chloe's. Chloe was great though. The new car crash scene was way worth it anyway. She was a total bad ass. She would be great for the team!

Number six. Mystique

Our blue member. Mystique is very trained in multiple fighting techniques. She can change who she is. And it's Jennifer Lawrence. There is one thing along with Carrie Mystique is very emotionally unstable. I think the whole team is though so!

The next one isn't quite a bad ass, but I think we have enough power to go for an organized, intelligent LEADER

My number seven is. Cersei Lannister

Our leader needs to be strong, emotional, cofrontational, and a total bitch. Well Cersei fits that role perfectly. She isn't afraid of anything. She will do anything to benefit herself aND her children. Maybe a new name for the squad! She stood up to Brenner the beauty and multiple times took on the whole Tyrell family. She is a great villainous leader!

If your upset there is no men I did pick one to take Cersei's spot to lead the team!

The replacement. Hannibal

A bit more bad ass than Cersei. He would definitely be capable of leading the team succesfully. He can also get into a woman's head quite easily.....

Hope I was succesful with this list!


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