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When given the chance to create their own team for the Suicide Squad the gents from Cool Nerd Show were all too eager to meet the challenge head on. We put together a team that would tolerate each other (at least until the mission was complete.) Each member was hand picked in true Amanda Waller fashion, so without any further adieu here are our picks for a ultimate Suicide Squad:

#1. Boba Fett (Star Wars)

So let’s start off by saying that when we thought of creating our own team of villains our mind immediately went to Darth Vader, now that being said I soon realized that the most evil father to ever hit the silver screen wouldn’t work here. Why would Lord Vader need a team to help him complete a mission? He could do it all himself…with just his mind. SO we moved on to Darth Maul but again we realized that the Sith are just too powerful. Star Wars has to be represented so then our next choice was obvious, Boba Fett! He’s the perfect choice, he’s a bounty hunter so usually he’s motivated by money but if captured he would easily be motivated by the prospect of freedom.

Amanda Waller told DeadShot to use rubber bullets instead of live rounds, and Darth Vader had to tell Fett to bring in his bounty alive, “no disintegrations.” He is skilled with blaster pistols and blaster rifles making him deadly at close and long range. Therefore the most ruthless bounty hunter in the entire galaxy is a perfect choice for the first pick of our Squad.

#2. Mystique (Marvel Comics)

Next we needed a strong female villain, so we thought about video games, movies, anime, then full circle back to comics and our minds quickly fell upon marvels cunning and ruthless villainess Mystique. There are a few reasons why we choose her as the perfect member of our squad.

First, Mystique just like Harley Quinn is a follower, she usually is a second in command under the big boss. That’s not saying that when she goes off on her own that she isn’t successful, she just works better with others. Her mutation of shape shifting is huge for covert missions and for gathering information that is needed to complete the assignment. She’s skilled in hand to hand combat and knows her way around a gun. She isn’t afraid to be ruthless in a physical or psychological battle. So she is clearly the best number two pick.

#3. Vicious (Cowboy Bebop)

If his name isn’t proof enough, his actions are more than convincing. A former assassin for The Red Dragon Crime Syndicate he is hellbent on killing his former friend and assassin partner Spike. In an attempt to draw Spike out of hiding he kills the head of the syndicate, a man whom Spike looked up to as a father; then kidnaps one of Spike's current bounty hunting partners, Faye. In the process Vicious has no problem with the fact that all of his henchmen are killed by Spike.

We also know Vicious betrayed a former “friend” from the Titan Wars, selling him out to be a medical reseach “guinea pig.” Basically Vicious DOES NOT play well with others and has no problem with sacrificing a teammate to achieve his goal. He is extremely skilled with a katana and is versed in hand to hand combat. All of these reasons make him a highly qualified Suicide Squad member.

#4. Mileena (Mortal Kombat)

Mileena fits almost too perfectly as our last Suicide Squad member. Created as a clone of Kitana, Mileena has served as an assassin for Mortal Kombat baddies Shao Kahn, Shinnok, and Onaga. Aside from her deadly fighting skills, Mileena is also a perfect combination of beauty and beast. She can lure you in with her stunning looks, only to bite your head off like a female mantis after intercourse.

Recently, Mileena had formed her own army to rebel against the current Outworld leader Kotal Kahn, and for a very short time she took possession of Shinnok’s amulet. Mileena is also one of the hardest characters to beat if playing against a worthy MK player. She has a vast array of moves that can hit you in literally any direction.


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