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Alessa Gillespie: Able to summon the darkness over those that get in her way. Also , capable of controlling and making fire appear. She can zap from place to place, appear and disappear with her ghostly powers and most importantly ; she goes into Dark Alessa when you reach her limits .

Samara Morgan: She can control water, make unexpected visits, has the power to posses and mind control. But nothing compares to when you look into her bad evil finishing eye. Able to leave her opponent with no sign of life anywhere. She can fast travel through T.V. and go from a sweet beautiful little girl into a dead machine devil.

American Bloody Mary: She's capable of healing her allies with her skills. She's known by all the demons around the world and come to her for healing or help. She can work as a spy to where the darkness doesn't reach. Mess with her and her tools and she will transform you from a normal living body into a living head.

John Kramer: Like every team , you always need the mastermind . One that will be the smartest in the team and one who is the leader of the team. John can supply this team with intel and weapons. He may also be a great help to Mary who used terrifying and unknown weapons. He is great with traps and the best with interrogations. He knows how to inspire his team and knows how to put words into place.


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