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One of the most-hyped movies of 2016, Suicide Squad is looking to be one of the year's biggest blockbusters! With name-brand actors like Will Smith, Jared Leto, and Ben Affleck playing Deadshot, The Joker, and Batman, respectively it's sure to be a action-packed extravaganza!

Without further ado here's what you came here to read. Voilà, my Suicide Squad to beat all suicide squads (and hopefully one of the entries to win!).

They are:



How in the world Mr. Anti-Life equation was able to be captured and recruited in my Suicide I'll leave up your collective imagination. However it is impossible to deny the power harnessed by Darkseid. Besides being a master logistician with genius-level intellect, his main power is his Omega beams which as a concussive force or disintegrating energy is capable of erasing living objects and organisms from existence. Besides that, he's incredibly fast, strong, being who can fly. As the leader of the group, Darkseid won't fight until necessary.

Oh yeah, those Omega beams? They never miss.


Oh my Lord, I mean, devil...
Oh my Lord, I mean, devil...

With a body composed of necroplasm, former U.S. Marine Al Simmoms has superhuman speed, speed and durability. As a master of thirteen forms of martial arts that necroplasm body allows him to shapeshift into anyweapon he wants (although he still uses various firearms over his magical abilities).

Speaking of magical abilities, he can raise the dead, teleport, flight, reality warping among others. This guys can pretty much do anything.

Don't get in the way of this hellspawn (pun intended).


Oh yeah!
Oh yeah!

Meet Mr. Merc with a Mouth, aka Wade Wilson, aka Deadpool. A terminally nuts mercenary,he is a practically immortal antihero with dual katanas, a totally awesome assortment of guns and other crazy stuff he can pull out at a moment's notice. Plus, he can teleport and break the fourth wall! With a penchant for chimichangas and hot babes he's th wild card that will make or break the team

Like, so totally fabulous!

Starkiller (Galen Marek)

Mr. Force Unleashed himself.
Mr. Force Unleashed himself.

Does this guy need an intro? He is the most powerful Force-user (in the Legends Universe, anyway) in the Galaxy, in my opinion, who once beat Darth Vader (twice!) and the Emperor! He is himself, the limit to what he can accomplish.

Bring on the contenders!

Well, there you have it Folks, my Suicide Squad. Let me know what you think in the comments below and in the poll.


Do you like my choices?


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