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What makes the perfect team? Most would say synergy, trust, or compatibility. What makes the perfect team of supervillains? The answer may a little tricky. Most baddies aren't known for their virtues. And this is the suicide squad. A bunch of powerful people thrown together to wreak havoc.

So, can you have a perfect team when it's comprised of such people? Maybe not. But then again, that's what makes it fun. Some are more powerful than others, but that doesn't stop any of them from being equally intimidating badasses. Below are my picks for the "perfect" suicide squad.

1. Venom- Marvel Universe

Those teeth tho. Maybe the SQ covers dental?
Those teeth tho. Maybe the SQ covers dental?

First up, Venom. Need I say more? Brute strength, sheer badassery, webs, and them shiny fangs make him an extremely valuable asset to any team. Besides being ruthless, Venom's cunning makes him a fairly viable, albeit slightly erratic, leader.

2. Jason Voorhees- Friday the 13th

Heroes aren't the only ones who wear masks.
Heroes aren't the only ones who wear masks.

Ah, yes. Mr. Voorhees. If Venom isn't scary enough, maybe this near-immortal, deformed killing machine is. Seriously, this guy just refuses to die. And he likes to kill. A lot. Fitting characteristics for this particular squad.

Plus, if the machete doesn't get ya, maybe his ugly mug will. That face would scare the warts off a toad.

3. Bellatrix Lestrange- Harry Potter Franchise

Want a side of magic to go with that crazy? Bella's got you covered. Useful for killing people instantly, apparating anywhere at will, and a shit-ton of other cool skills. She's powerful, dedicated, manipulative, and has quite the taste for violence. Honorable traits for a member of the prestigious Suicide Squad.

4. Gazelle- Kingsman: the Secret Service

Someone didn't skip leg day.
Someone didn't skip leg day.

Sexy? Check. Smart? Check. Deadly? Double check. This cold and calculating assistant doesn't hesitate to do what's necessary, and probably wins the award for most unique weapon. Besides, any squad worth its salt has a sleek femme fatale capable of dealing buttloads of damage. It's time for this girl to shine,... and cut people in half with her sword feet. That too.

Honorable mention: Mystique- X-men Franchise


So there you have it. My own version of the Suicide Squad. What'd you think? Like? Dislike?


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