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The Dyrex Chronicles is a Science-Fiction series that's heavily inspired by the Comic Book and Manga/Anime style of character creation, and story-telling, with a few Fantasy elements that really drive the story. I have always envisioned the series as actually 3 separate animated series: "Darkness Reign", "Darkness Revealed", and "Darkness Revived" in chronological order (though "Revealed" would be first to be released, akin to Star Wars: A New Hope). The main problem is that were I to turn the series into an animated series, or even a comic strip, I can't draw to save my life, and therefore have no hope of visually creating the characters and environments that I have dreamed up. I'm primarily publishing this summary a way to get in touch with people who are more artistically inclined, and or would like to be involved in the project, whether art, story, animation, voice acting, sound effects, story-boarding, music... yeah, I need help. Please read an enjoy.

To avoid confusion: Earth = Terra, Earth Human = Terran

Darkness Reign

Thousands of years ago, on the planet of Volstur, there lived many great creatures, and their animal spirits would regularly take physical form to "protect their children" with the only species that didn't have an animal spirit being the dragons, who were most hated by the foxes (who are as tall as donkeys, as opposed to earthly foxes), who would regularly attack the young dragons. The "human" component of the planet were also called "Volstur", but they did not frequently interact with the animal kingdom, especially not the ongoing war between the foxes and dragons, until one day when a Volstur saved a young dragon from a pack of foxes, and the small dragon revealed the secret of "Elon", or "Dragon Sweat" with the Volstur. Elon enables dragons, humanoids, and a handful of other creatures supernatural abilities, that some call "superpowers", while others call "magic". In either case, the dragons possess these powers naturally, while all other creatures must absorb, or ingest, or inhale the Elon into their system, at which point their bodies may begin to produce Elon, granting the powers, or the body just "detoxifies" itself, and nothing happens.

This historic meeting between Volstur and Dragon, changed the entire landscape of the planet. Instead of dying young, the Dragons were now protected, by the Volstur, and allowed to mature to their full strength, turning the hunted into the hunter. As their children's influence deteriorated, the Animal Spirits began to leave Volstur for the trans-dimensional plane, as they no longer had the strength to maintain physical form, but the Fox Spirit, refusing to let the Dragons win, vowed that he would find a way to return, and destroy the Dragons for good. Eventually there rose out of the Volstur "mages", those that practiced magic that intentionally caused harm, or even death, to others, but the Dragons were pure, and would break their bonds with any mage who delved into these "black arts", eventually earning them these mages the title of "Black Mages". Around 1100 CE (Earth/Terra Time, Volstur at 1,500 years-old is the same as a Terran at 120) a young and extremely talented fire mage, named Crevan Desdemona, is born to a prominent Black Mage, but is unappreciated, and even feared by most Volstur, such that in Crevan's loneliness, the Fox Spirit makes contact with him, and agrees to teach Crevan such powerful magic, that he would no longer have any enemies, if the Volstur boy would allow the Fox Spirit to use his body as a vessel in the physical world. After decades of training and research (due to long life, Volstur aging 10 years is the same as a Terran aging 1 year), Crevan seals the Fox Spirit within him, combining fox's abilities with his own fire powers, enabling him to transform into the giant fox, while shooting fire, eventually earning him the name of "The Fire-Fox Demon". Crevan recruits his followers by sealing them with the other Volstur Animal Spirits, eventually challenges and annihilates the Black Mage leadership, and then goes to war with the Dragon Mages (Volstur Mages who don't practice the black arts, and maintain their dragon bonds). Fearing an ill outcome of the war, one Fire Dragon Mage, and Crevan's old school teacher, Nirrus Dyran, begins to research Crystal Magic, namely in an attempt to create the ultimate ability-enhancing Elon Crystal, which he names "The Dyrex". The Dyrex is completed shortly before the final battle of the "Demon War", possessing and amplifying both the powers of the Fire Mage, and of his bonded friend, the Fire Dragon, Astarot. The Dyrex is then used as bait, knowing that Crevan could not resist the temptation of that tremendous power, the Dragon Mages spring their trap. Yet once Crevan realizes his foolishness, he forces the Fire Mage and Fire Dragon to fight the Fire-Fox Demon in the core of Volstur, to the bitter end, with all three utilizing the full strength of their powers, causing the whole planet to rupture, and huge fragments go flying through space. Crevan survives, as do mages on both sides of the conflict, as the Air Mages quickly respond to form miniature atmospheres around their now asteroids.

Over the next 800 years, Crevan and his Demons terrorize the populations of several planets to 1) Find the Dyrex 2) Acquire more and new powers and 3) Develop technology to continue their search. Such was the fate of the scientifically advanced civilization of the Rylons on the planet Rylos, whom the Demons forced to created the first space vehicles in that area of the galaxy, such that the Rylons eventually abandoned all technology, and now live a life fully in one with nature, even prohibiting and machinery or devices on their planet. The Dragon Mages, on the other hand, under the leadership of Nirrus Dyran's daughter, Myra, find Old Volstur's "twin" planet, and dub it "New Volstur". Myra and the Volstur eventually form the Galactic Alliance in response to their liberation of the Rylons from their Demonic oppression. Thus began a back and forth fight as the Demons would attack a planet in search of allies, and the Dyrex, with the Galactic Alliance coming to the aide of the Demons' victims, adding their populace, and their technological contributions, to the Alliance. Eventually Crevan finds the planet Twilight, as only the Twilight Zone of the planet is habitable (such is the case with the planet Mercury... if it had an atmosphere), which he and the Demons engage in a war against the Necromancer, before finally gaining complete control of the planet, and renaming it the Demon Planet. Some new knowledge that Crevan picks up from his late enemy the Necromancer, enables him to grant all Demons invulnerability (they cannot be out-right killed by anything short of a dragon, demon, or really powerful mage), forcing much of the Galactic Alliance forces to learn how to seal the demons away into a "prison state". The Alliance also engages in a side war as they encounter planets and peoples being oppressed by the Empire (the stereotypical "little green men" but look more like the Asgardians from Stargate SG-1, who fight in manga/anime-style mecha suits).

Eventually Crevan meets a Volstur woman, falls in love with her, they have a daughter, and Crevan takes a noticeable change, and practically abandons his quest for the Dyrex completely. This causes the Demon Lords (the ones who were sealed with the Animal Spirits, and can transform into the physical forms of those animals, with their associated elemental powers), to hold council, and discuss whether Crevan would still fit to lead them. Some wish to kill him, but most realize he's too powerful for any one to take on alone, and nobody is willing to do the "dirty deed" either out of fear, or loyalty. It is then suggested that they "knock" Crevan back to his senses, but killing his wife and daughter; yet Crevan hears this plan, and decides that the Demon Lords are now too much of a threat to him, so he needs to do something about it, but they're also too valuable of assets to him, if he ever succeeds in finding the Dyrex, and has to fight off the entirety of the Galactic Alliance to get it, so he individual hunts down each of the Demon Lords, and after learning some Elon Crystal Magic, takes a large portion of their powers away from them, puts those powers in crystals, that he then locks away, and then seals his once "friends" into stone, and puts them all up in a completely separate location. This allows Crevan to keep them "safe" while permitting him the ability to reactive them at a moment's notice, when he needs them. Unfortunately, the stone bonding isn't very strong, and Crevan knows that it will eventually break down, and the Demon Lords will be released, so he puts safe guards in place for if and when they get out before he's ready, they will not be able to access the "vault" where he is keeping crystals that are storing their full powers, leaving them weak enough that he can easily re-seal them if necessary. Knowing now that he has a limited window, Crevan sets out to find the with a renewed vigor, and eventually tracks the correct fragment of Old Volstur to a planet called "Terra"... Earth.

Darkness Revealed

As the first series in the overall Dyrex saga that would be produced and released, many of the major events listed above may be hinted at, flashbacked to, or described in greater detail, throughout the series, to give greater context. The Prologue, see below, however will probably have a full episode(s) dedicated to the flashback to show these events.

Prologue - In the year 2054 CE, Crevan Desdemona, the Fire-Fox Demon, tracked the Dyrex to Terra (Earth), starting the Demon-Terran War, which forced the nations of the world to formulate the joint-military organization, the Terran Coalition, which fought against the Demons alone for two years, before being joined by the Galactic Alliance for the final three years of the war. With the Arch-Demons gone, and a result of his invulnerability spell, the "rank and file" Demons work in a hive-mind, with an Arch-Demon being their commander, therefore the only way to end the Demon-Terran War is to find and take out the Fire-Fox Demon, which is the objective of the final battle. Yet shortly before the battle commences, Crevan has found the Dyrex on the islands of Hawaii. A 4-man task force of Elonites (those who have Elon-based abilities) is sent to find the Fire-Fox Demon, and they succeed while he is busy performing the sealing techniques to transfer his fire abilities into the Dyrex. The Terran Coalition have no knowledge of the Dyrex, and those who do know of it amongst the Galactic Alliance, believe it to have been lost for good. The team attacks him, but kills and maims half the team, knocks out the third, but stops to consider the fourth. The Dyrex needs a host to act as an incubator for 13 earth years [I have since reconsidered this length of time, now feeling that I should make the main characters older], whenever new powers/abilities are added to it. For most creatures (save Dragons) the maturization and removal process of the Dyrex would kill the host. Crevan realizes that fourth Terran Elonite, Rachel Bryant, is in the very earlier stages of pregnancy (so early she didn't even know) and the raw power that the child already poses from both his mother and father (who's identity is unknown), makes him a perfect incubator, he subdues Bryant, and seals the Dyrex within the child, while transferring the majority of his power (including the Fox Spirit) into the crystal. Due to the enhancing and amplifying powers of the Dyrex, the child quickly grows and develops, such that the 9 months of pregnancy are sped up to just a few hours. The immense pain of this growth and delivery is too heavy a strain on Rachel's body, that she will soon die after childbirth, but she uses her friend and colleague, Rina Takamachi's sealing abilities to limit the amount of power the child could access, so as not to overwhelm his body, or control. In her final moments, she writes a letter to the unconscious Rina, asking her to take care of her son, David, and dies. Aside from Rachel Bryant, no one knows why the Fire-Fox Demon disappeared, or that the Dyrex is sealed inside her son.

Phew! This is taking a long time to write all out, so I think I'll edit the summary down even further from this point forward, as I presume, my dear reader, you have a pretty good idea of the type of story/universe this is.

David Bryant grows to the age of 12 (again, this age may change; I did say this was inspired by Anime, which always make their heroes younger, so I probably should make them more adult; let me know what you think). Having grown up in a Military-preparatory school with the Terran Coalition, David finally graduates from the academy, and is assigned, along with two of his peers, to a 4-man Strike Unit, led by his mother's old friend and partner, Wolfgang Amadeus Jäger (who is heavily scarred from surviving a fight with the Fire-Fox Demon). The SU works on behalf of the Terran Coalition, and as part of the Galactic Alliance, comes to the aide of those in need, and act sort of like an interplanetary police force. Because of his mother's seals on the Dyrex, and his own powers, David is initially unable to unlock his potential abilities, but then the Fox Spirit manifests itself during a fit of rage (transforming David into a smaller form of the Fire-Fox Demon). This transformation alerts Crevan, from across the galaxy, that his prize is almost ready, and he comes to Terra to "check-in" on the boy's progress, where reveals to David and his friends of the presence of the Dyrex within him. During this visit is when we would flashback to the Demon-Terran War, and the events that unfolded between Crevan and Rachel. David possesses a natural higher level of intelligence, and over the course of this series, will unlock his abilities. From his mother, his eyes will turn red, allowing him to analyze any physical or Elon attack, may be able to copy it (with practice), and when combined with his intellect, possibly find a weakness. From his father, he receives the power to control electricity. Previous Electric Elonites are unable to produce electricity outside of their bodies, as the unstable nature of the element requires a conductor, or such a large amount of energy, that normal humanoids would die if they tried to produce that much power. As a result, since messages from the brain to the different parts of the body a sent via electricity, most Electric Elonites use their ability to speed up these synapses, and become "Speedsters". Yet because of the Dyrex, and its ability to produce and conduct such great power, David becomes the first speedster to be able to control electricity in the open air, without the aid of a conductor. The series ends with David reaching his 13th Birthday, meaning that the Dyrex has reached maturity (unless I change it to make David older), and Crevan comes to claim his prize. For the sake of keeping things interesting, I'll hold off on more details about the end of this series for now.

Darkness Revived

To keep from spoiling anything from Darkness Revealed, I won't give too many details about this series, I'll just say that it revolves around the seals imprisoning the Demon Lords are finally broken, and they're really REALLY mad, forcing, the Galactic Alliance as a whole to respond to this revived threat. While Revealed would focus on issues around Terra and Terran Space, Revived would be more Galactic Alliance-centric, allowing us to meet the other Alliance species, visit some of their worlds, and far more other planets in the galaxy. Many of these individual worlds are inspired by a specific genre of Sci-Fi (the Empire is inspired by LGM's and Mecha, there's another Alliance world that's inspired by the HALO video game series' UNSC technology) which I would definitely appreciate new ideas for species, and cultures.

Final Thoughts

Obviously the story, events and characters are much more developed in what I already have written, but it is quite a lot to go through, while this is just to give you, my dear reader, a taste of this new universe, and let you decide for yourself if it is has merit, and maybe if you'd even like to participate in its further development. As the Revealed and Revived progress, I would demonstrate how many of the totems of Sci-Fi would more realistically play out than what is normally shown (e.g. space travel, A.I., lasers and shields, combat in 3-dimensional space etc.). Although I know Revealed will be the first series, I'm not sure if Reign will be second or third: on one hand, revelations in Revived will be ruined if Reign came first, but on the other hand the story-telling in Revived would arguably be so much richer if most of the events of Reign are already known to the viewer. Perhaps I should just drop Reign altogether as a series, and just show the events through flashback and exposition in the other two series. Please let me know what do you think? And thanks for reading. :)


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