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Let's see here. When you're trying to form a Suicide Squad-style team, combining some of the greatest villains in fiction, what do you look for? Now, some people will say "power", some will say "intelligence", and some will say that it's more important to have a team who can get along with people. Now, my view is that it's best to have people from all different types. So, to that end, each of the four villains that I've chosen (since, by the rules of this contest, I'm restricted to four) have the ideal combination of intellect, power, and their own unique skill sets. By themselves, each of these villains are lethal, but working together, they'd be unstoppable.

1) Cell (Dragon Ball Z)

Cell - the self-proclaimed "perfect being"
Cell - the self-proclaimed "perfect being"

My first candidate is by far the most powerful member of the team, physically speaking. Cell is a genetically-engineered android, created by combining DNA samples from all of the greatest warriors in his universe, with the express purpose of becoming the perfect life-form. He possesses the abilities and fighting skills of all of the warriors whose DNA contributes to his design, and can use them all flawlessly. In addition to his physical power, he's also a genius and a highly skilled tactician, capable of thinking his way around any challenge that he can’t overcome with brute force. This incredible combination of strength, speed and skill makes him an extremely dangerous opponent in battle, as many of his enemies find out to their regret.

Cell's abilities include superhuman strength, speed, agility and durability, all of which are enhanced to an amazing degree. Among other things, he can fly faster than the speed of sound, survive unharmed in space and underwater, and effortlessly withstand attacks that could destroy entire planets. He can manipulate his ki, or spiritual energy, to augment his physical abilities, and can also use ki to produce powerful energy attacks.

Cell’s raw power is incredible: in addition to possessing immense physical strength, enough to shatter mountains with just the shockwaves from his punches, he’s also been known to produce energy attacks powerful enough to easily destroy entire planets. His most powerful technique, a massive energy wave called the Solar Kamehameha, is powerful enough to destroy an entire solar system with one blast. He also has access to powerful telekinesis, which is strong and precise enough that, at one point, he was able to completely flatten an area of at least several square miles, uproot an entire mountain without effort, shatter it into pieces, and reshape the stone into a massive, beautifully constructed tournament ring, using nothing but his mind. If that sounds unbelievable, see for yourself:

The bio-android also has incredibly enhanced hearing (one of his genetically inherited traits, this one from a race called the Namekians), which enables him to hear and eavesdrop on conversations anywhere in the world. That, coupled with his ability to move at super-speed and fly at extremely high altitudes, makes him a perfect candidate for long-range reconnaissance missions. He also possesses a technique known as Instant Transmission, which allows him to teleport to anywhere in the universe, as long as he has an energy signature to lock onto.

Cell is extremely durable: at one point, an entire army fired at him with everything they had for about five minutes straight, unloaded every gun, missile and energy blaster in their arsenal, and when the smoke cleared, he didn’t have a scratch on him. In other words, good luck taking this guy out with anything short of a planet-buster.

In addition to this durability, he’s also biologically immortal, and can regenerate from almost any amount of physical damage: as long as a single one of his cells remains intact, he can fully regenerate himself within minutes. Even his own self-destruction by blowing himself up isn't enough to kill him: in fact, by regenerating after he was reduced to a single cell, the evil android becomes even stronger than he was before:

Despite all of this power, however, Cell can actually be quite cordial, even charming, when the mood strikes him. He's used human news systems in the past to make announcements for his own amusement, so it's not too inconceivable to imagine that he could become the "public face", as unlikely as that might seem, of this team. After all, he certainly knows how to deal with the news media... although his methods of intimidation may be seen as a little extreme.

(Note: Skip to approximately 15:28 in this video for the section I had in mind).

In conclusion, Cell would seem to be the perfect candidate for the leader/powerhouse of a customized Suicide Squad.

2) James "Jim" Moriarty (Sherlock)

Now, while my next choice is an ordinary human with no superpowers whatsoever, that doesn't make him any less cunning or dangerous than Cell.

James Moriarty is the main antagonist of the popular television series Sherlock, and the longtime nemesis of Sherlock Holmes, the world's greatest detective. In keeping with that theme, Moriarty himself is styled as the world's greatest criminal, and he's certainly able to uphold that reputation. Almost every major crime in London, if not the world, can be traced back to him, and, worst of all, he has no stake in most of them, only sponsoring those crimes - and the horror and death that results from them - for the fun of it.

The assets that Moriarty could bring to this sort of team are significant. He may be a normal human without any kind of superpowers, but he’s also an unparalleled genius: he can outthink and outwit just about anyone. His considerable resources would allow him to help finance the squad’s missions, and he also commands a criminal empire that spans across the world, meaning that no matter where the squad are required to go on their missions, he’ll most likely have contacts in the area that they could use for assistance and support. While he's not particularly likely to be involved with the actual fighting, more likely assisting from the background and helping through technical support, James Moriarty would be an extremely valuable asset to the Suicide Squad.

3) Niklaus "Klaus" Mikaelson (The Vampire Diaries and The Originals)

The man on the outside, and the beast within.
The man on the outside, and the beast within.

Next up on the list is a pick that not many people might have guessed, but one that I think definitely works with the theme of Suicide Squad. Klaus Mikaelson isn't exactly the type of character who you'd be thinking of for something like this, mainly because he isn't really the type to play well with others. But I do think he would be awesome in this sort of role, which is why I chose him as my third candidate.

Klaus is a vampire/werewolf hybrid: he and his siblings are the Original family of vampires, and are over a thousand years old. As you would expect of a vampire, he's immortal: he cannot be killed except through the use of an enchanted wooden stake, made from a special white oak tree (although, presumably, he could also be killed if he were completely incinerated or something of that nature). Due to his half-werewolf and Original vampire nature, he's immune to sunlight, something that is usually fatal to vampires.

Klaus possesses superhuman strength, speed, and durability, as well as a potent healing ability that allows him to heal easily from all but the most debilitating of wounds. Another ability that would make him a very useful interrogator/spy is the vampire ability of compulsion, which works basically like a combination of hypnosis and mind control. If Klaus uses that ability on someone - and all he needs to do is to look into their eyes and talk to them - he can make them do whatever he wants. Sounds like an excellent ability for a covert operative to have.

One of Klaus's only weaknesses is that, since he's a vampire, he needs a regular food supply of blood, preferably human, to keep his strength up. Also, he may be immortal, but he's not invincible, and he can still be injured by ordinary weapons, even by bullets, knives, or wooden stakes (although any such injury, even injuries that would kill humans or lesser vampires, will quickly heal). If he loses too much blood, it will weaken him just as it would anyone else. However, as a member of the Suicide Squad, often going into combat situations, he'd have plenty of access to all the blood he could need.

If there's one thing you need to know about Klaus, it's that his intelligence is as sharp as his fangs. Normally, he can be quite charming and charismatic. However, the other important thing to know about Klaus is this: you do not want to piss him off. If you do irritate him, or, heaven forbid, try to kill him, well... this sort of thing tends to happen:

Translation: Klaus would be an excellent addition to any specialized team, as long as he behaved and was willing to work with his teammates.. An immortal badass who can talk people into anything? Sounds like Suicide Squad material to me!

And, finally...

4) Maleficent (Once Upon a Time)

"You want darkness? I'll give you darkness."
"You want darkness? I'll give you darkness."

The final member of the squad can be every bit as intimidating as Cell or Klaus if she puts her mind to it. Maleficent is a dark sorceress with tremendous magical power and a brilliantly cunning mind, and she's also basically pure evil.

She possesses magical powers, and can transform herself into a dragon for use in battle or a flock of ravens for a quick escape. She can also change her appearance using a spell, to disguise herself as other people. This makes her a perfect spy, as she might be able to get into places where the rest of the group couldn’t.

Maleficent can cast a wide variety of spells to weaken, disorient, knock out or kill her enemies. One of her most useful spells is her sleeping curse, which can knock anyone who's subjected to its effects out cold for as long as she wants. Some of her spells can also be used to heal other people’s wounds, which would be a valuable asset if somebody on or helping the team received an injury in battle that they couldn't heal from. She can also teleport using her magic, which could benefit the team in many ways: for example, she could easily get them into a guarded compound without anyone noticing them. All of these powers, and the dark heart and brilliant mind behind them, makes Maleficent one of the most dangerous villains you're ever likely to meet.

My Suicide Squad, assembled and ready for battle!
My Suicide Squad, assembled and ready for battle!

And there we have it. So, to recap, we've got a godlike android who can survive practically anything and can blow up planets with a wave of his hand; the world's greatest and most brilliant criminal mastermind; a thousand-year-old vampire/werewolf hybrid with superhuman strength and speed and an insatiable lust for blood and carnage; and a badass dark sorceress who can cast all kinds of crazy, powerful spells, put you to sleep forever if you get on her nerves, and turn into a freaking dragon! If that doesn't sound like a seriously epic Suicide Squad lineup, then I don't know what does.


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