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It's that time of year when the TV seasons come to an end and America goes into a summer daze.

Hello from Australia! Where it's cold in your summer and we get everything late. Where WA stands for Wait Awhile.

While we all sit on the edge of our seats, waiting for those season finale cliffhangers to be resolved, let's talk about the real stars of any film, book or TV show: the villains.

What would it be like if the cruelest, craziest, most twisted villains were to team up in an inter-universe Suicide Squad?

What would be the best, most unbeatable Suicide Squad possible? Because we all know that villains only get better when they get crazier.

The Joker (The Dark Knight, DC)

Let’s face it, this guy is twisted beyond belief and clever beyond imagination. He loves the chase and knows that a hero is nothing without a great villain. If he were left to rule the world, there would be absolute chaos, and that’s exactly how he likes it. He always has all his cogs turning to form the best, most brilliant, most complicatedly unstoppable plans. And if plans don’t work out? Improvising is the best way to trigger anarchy.

Hector Barbossa (Pirates of the Caribbean)

Legendary pirate. Refuses to stay dead. Isn't afraid to bend the rules to get what he wants. While he sometimes seems like a good man, everyone knows it's only to hold his cover. This man won't make compromises, but he's patient enough to get his revenge. The only code he abides by is the one he made up to suit him. Yet even then, the code is more like guidelines than actual rules.

Abomination (The Incredible Hulk, Marvel Comics)

Every dream team needs someone to be the muscle, so why not a gigantic mass of pure muscle? This guy is the Hulk, on steroids. He’s strong, fast, and huge. He can regenerate and breathe underwater. Even better, unlike the Hulk, he maintains his intelligence after transforming. It’s always good when your brawn has a little brains.

Bellatrix Lestrange (Harry Potter)

This badass, butt-kicking villainess is bat-crap crazy and that’s why we love her. She does what she wants to get what she wants, and she’s very good at it. She’s also loyal and willing to work her butt off for the sake of her team (and herself, of course). Throw in her magical powers and she’s enough to make any hero whimper.

So there you have it, the most unbeatable Suicide Squad in imagination. We got magic, we got muscle, we got skills and we got a whole lot of criminally insane. And should this squad ever form, we'll have all the superheroes quaking in their vinyl boots.


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