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Today I got to go to Momocon and interview with Greg Weisman, the creator of DC's Young Justice, and first off I'd like to say that I was a nervous wreck! The man had done so much in his life and he flew all the way to Atlanta for an interview where only 4 reporters actually showed up! We got to ask him a few questions:

Q: Are the rumors of Netflix attempting to bring back Young Justice as a series true?

A: Definitely not! (Sad Pandas!) Greg said that "Rumors like that tend to get started on the Internet. If anything like that were to be going on, I'd be the first to know about it." Sorry to all of my Young Justice friends! It looks like all our hopes and dreams were crushed.

Q: How do you feel about Young Justice getting replaced on the air by "Teen Titans Go!"?

A: Weisman had a very strong answer. "That is an absolute lie. Young Justice wasn't replaced by Teen Titans Go, the time slot just happened to be at the same time! It's pure coincidence that a bunch of fans turned into a conspiracy." He later regarded that he thought Teen Titans Go was a "cute" and "funny" show.

Q: As far as you know, are there any plans for a live action film or continuation of the show?

A: Greg had different things to say about each. He stated that there is not going to be a live action film any time soon. He also stated that he has pitched many idea to the "powers that be" at Warner Brothers, but they just don't seem to be interested. When confronted about any spoilers to things he has pitched he responded with "I'm not going to give out spoilers simply because one day this might actually get made into a show!" So there you have it folks, a small light of hope in the dark tunnel of DC.

Q: What's your advice to any young guns interested in getting started as a writer for TV shows or comics?

A: He had a lot to say, but in a summary, he said that it's a good idea to move to somewhere like Los Angeles or New York to start your career. He said that it's very rare to pitch an idea the first time and it actually get anywhere, but keep trying. Go anywhere you can and make sure to build a portfolio of accomplishments.

Greg closed with the statement that he will definitely be coming back to Momocon, so there is hope for another interview in the future! Of course, I got a selfie before he left!


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