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Gotham just wrapped its first season but the show is already busy at work prepping Season 2 and teasing all the possible routes the show could go with the huge list of characters it has to work with. But Gotham has shown, with characters like Jada Pinkett-Smith's Fish Mooney, that the show can come up with some pretty effective new characters to add to the classic rogues gallery of Gotham villains.

Seductive & Sexy New Villains For Gotham Season 2

With Fish Mooney and the serial killer known as The Ogre, who made for an impressive multiple episode storyline at the end of the first season, Gotham proved it doesn't always have to rely upon the classic characters that make up Batman's second-to-none rouges gallery of villains. The show may be cooking up another couple of creations as TV Line recently revealed that Gotham is casting for two new villains.

The first is described as “male DC Villain” who is “intelligent, cultured and highly articulate" as well as "extremely attractive, both seductive and threatening." The second is a a "female DC Villain in her mid- to late 20s" described as "a sexy knock-out."

Barbara Kean & The Ogre in Gotham
Barbara Kean & The Ogre in Gotham

The fact that they dub these two as "DC Villains" may mean the show intends to adding another two classic characters to a Gotham Season 2 Villain list that already includes confirmed plans for The Joker, The Mad Hatter, Mr. Freeze and Clayface. If I were to guess from the descriptions the male villain could be Hugo Strange who has been rumored to play a big role in Gotham Season 2 and as for the "sexy" 20-something female villain - your guess is as good as mine. Talia al Ghul? The Gotham timeline, with a pre-teen Bruce Wayne walking around, always confuses these things for me.

Harvey Dent & Two-Face

Actor Nicholas D'Agosto has popped up a few times in Gotham as attorney Harvey Dent and he recently confirmed that this character will becoming a series regular during Season 2 of Gotham. What's interesting is that the show has already made some changes to his character's classic origin story during the bullet-flying first season finale.

We all know Harvey Dent eventually ends up as the acid-scarred Two Face and this story has changed multiple times over the years as the character has appeared in multiple films and shows. In The Dark Knight, The Joker turns out to be the guy who causes this transformation but in the movie Batman Forever we saw things stick a little closer to the character's history in DC comics as crime boss Sal Maroni is the one responsible for giving Dent a face-full of acid.

Harvey Dent and Jim Gordon in Gotham
Harvey Dent and Jim Gordon in Gotham

Alas, Sal Maroni was just one of the characters who saw their life in Gotham come to a bloody end in the season one finale. Making Harvey Dent a series regular for Season 2 could mean that we'll see the character slowly spiral out of control much like we did with Edward Nygma's transformation into The Riddler over the course of the first season.

Raising the Stakes for Gotham Season 2

The first season of Gotham showed a lot of potential for how the series could move forward and balance a villain of the week format while building a bigger arc for the season. Hopefully Season 2 of Gotham can move forward and strengthen the balance between the activities of the GCPD heroes of Jim Gordon and Harvey Bullock dealing with larger than life criminals and the underworld scheming of The Penguin - especially now that Cobblepot has to figure out what to do with his new role as the reigning crime boss.

What do you think? Are you looking forward to Season 2 of Gotham? What were your impressions of the first season? What directions would you like to see the show go in the second season? Give us your best Gotham fan fiction in the comments section below!


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