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With the internet being the internet, sneaky images of the principal cast from TMNT 2: Half Shell have started springing up online, offering us closer looks at the all new Shredder (Brian Tee), his daughter Karai (Brittany Ishibashi) and many more.

But what of our favorite dim-witted pairing of goons Bebop and Rocksteady? The two classic henchmen have been confirmed to appear in the sequel for months now, but then talked stopped as if the powers-that-be decided to go back on their word.

Pre-op Bebop
Pre-op Bebop

Until thankfully a few weeks ago, news broke that voice actor Gary Anthony Williams (The Boondocks, Star Wars: The Clone Wars) would be taking up Bebop duties on the impending sequel.

Gary Anthony Williams
Gary Anthony Williams

Personally, I was a bit worried about how this brilliant, incompetent villain would turn out in the movie, especially regarding costume design, and would this play out as an origin story of sorts? Apparently, yes! And the first images of Bebop look insanely good!

Check them out:

First Look At TMNT 2's Bebop

(h/t Mail Online)
(h/t Mail Online)

How's that for an accurate depiction? Purple mohawk and all! Deadline reported a while back that TMNT 2's Bebop would "start off as a punk street thug member of a ragtag gang of misfits who acts as if he’s intellectually superior, but isn’t," which sounds about right. But I wonder how they're going to have him get embroiled in Shredder's business?

But Wait...

The sneaky leaks have also revealed that Bebop's best bro, Rocksteady, has too been cast! And an interesting one at that.


Used to wowing thousands of people in nothing but a pair of speedos, a leather studded waistcoat should come as no problem for WWE superstar Sheamus (Stephen Farrelly) - our brand new humanoid rhinoceros henchman!

Take a look:

(h/t for Mail Online)
(h/t for Mail Online)

Okay, so it's not the best of pictures, and we can't tell if Rocksteady has pants on, but they're here! Our very first cinematic iteration of Shredder's right-hand men.

How Will They Look Post-Transformation?!

That's a very good question, and I have no idea. Sorry. But if they look anything like these pieces of fan art, we're surely in for a thrill ride of nostalgic proportions:



What did you make of this?

The characters look to be shaping up quite nicely, especially Bebop! Casting an actor of William's caliber in a role that will, more than likely, utilize CGI motion capture in a similar vein to the Turtles, and their furry father figure Splinter might turn out to be a coup for Dave Green and crew...

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