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Ryan Reynold's Deadpool movie is kicking off 2016, The Year of the Superhero Movie, and the biggest year for Fox's stable of Marvel characters. The studio is producing 3 of the 7 superhero movies seeing release that year with Deadpool, X-Men Apocalypse and Gambit. And they'll be first out of the gate in 2017 as well with Hugh Jackman's final Wolverine movie. It's a good time to be a fan of Fox's mutant Marvel off-shoot movies and it's an even better time to be comic book creator Rob Liefeld, who played a big part in revitalizing these characters in the 1990s.

Cable & Deadpool: Reunited At Last?

Deadpool and Cable are two of Rob Liefeld's most popular creations during his time at Marvel before branching off to form the independent Image Comics. He's brought a ton of characters to life over the years but these two have taken off to become two of the biggest selling characters for Marvel comics - especially during their Cable & Deadpool team-up run from 2004 to 2008. So it's inevitable that with the improbable turn of events that resulted in Fox greenlighting an R rated Deadpool movie fans are wondering if their luck will continue and if we'll see Cable grace a movie screen.

Cable & Deadpool
Cable & Deadpool

Rob Liefeld seems to think that fans will be rewarded for their patience when it comes to Fox getting around to bringing Cable to live action life. In an interview with Newsarama, Liefeld sounds more than just a little optimistic when it comes to seeing his creations and the characters that he worked on in his Marvel years making their way to the movies.

"For fans, trust me, I am well aware that it's so hard to hear, 'be patient, it's going to happen...' But that was the exact mantra I said repeatedly for six years with Deadpool and it was eventually rewarded and I believe the payoff is spectacular! That same mantra is the one I practice with Cable and even X-Force now... In the years to come when it all comes together, you won't quite remember the lack of patience for these characters, you'll just be happy the are appearing on screen and in the best light possible."

It sounds like it is just a matter of time before Cable will be joining the cast of Fox's mutant movie characters. And even without the positivity that Rob Liefeld is brimming with, there's more than a few hints that even by the end of 2016 we could see more progress towards Cable's inevitable debut.

Cracking the Cable Code with X-Men Apocalypse

The final movie in the recent X-Men trilogy that began with X-Men First Class, Bryan Singer's X-Men Apocalypse is being looked at as both a conclusion and a new beginning for the world of Fox's Marvel mutant universe. The movie is introducing or re-introducing a young cast of X-Men characters as well as setting the stage and putting many of the elements in place for the world that spawned characters like Cable.

Concept art for X-Men Apocalypse
Concept art for X-Men Apocalypse

The Age of Apocalypse storyline is a huge one and from everything that we've seen and read about so far Bryan Singer is taking the challenge seriously and isn't skimping on anything by putting together a huge and seemingly never ending cast of characters. The movie looks to be one of the most ambitious X-Men movies and the fact that it's getting into Celestials territory is the biggest sign that Cable could be right around the corner.

There's been no shortage of intriguing concept art being released ahead of X-Men Apocalypse - most of it coming right from the social media accounts of Bryan Singer himself. And the multiple teases we've had telling us that the ancient Celestial Ship that gave Apocalypse his power will be featured prominently in the movie opens the door wide for the time travelling Cable to appear.

Cable, The New Mutants & X-Force

Making it look even more likely that movie audiences will soon witness the on screen debut of Cable is the announcement of Fox getting to work on developing The New Mutants. If X-Men Apocalypse lays the groundwork, opens the door and hints at the interstellar origins of Cable, The New Mutants might be the best place to look for his final reveal. Which makes sense, since this is the book where Rob Liefeld introduced the character of Cable to readers back in 1990.

Cable's introduction in The New Mutants.
Cable's introduction in The New Mutants.

The teenage X-Men mutants-in-training book is likely the big future of the X-Men franchise after the events of X-Men Apocalypse and The New Mutants could see Rob Liefeld characters like Cable and Domino lead the movies into X-Force if they decide to stick close to the way things went in the comic books. X-Force was the X-Men spin-off that proved to be even more popular than the main X-Men titles during Liefeld's run and has long been looked at as the answer for how Fox can reboot the franchise after the departure of Hugh Jackman and the finale of the current trilogy.

There are no shortage of ways that Fox can go when Bryan Singer ends his run of creative control over Fox's X-Men franchise. There are so many characters that can be introduced beyond the core X-Men that have kept things alive for the past fifteen years. But Rob Liefeld's Deadpool and Cable are frontrunners when it comes to putting the future in the hands of popular characters that have proven to be enduring favorites for generations of comic book fans.

What do you think? What kind of future would you like to see for Deadpool and Cable after [X-Men: Apocalypse](tag:1194267)? How do you think The New Mutants will impact Fox's Marvel mutant world? Tell us your favorite X-Men stories in the comments section below!


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