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Until Dawn just received its release date this week, so a lot of us will be subject to this terrifying horror experience on the 26th August on PS4. But what kind of a game is it? What can we expect from Supermassive Games, a company that's brought us the likes of Start the Party, Walking With Dinosaurs and Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock...not a great track record right there. However, Sony seems to have faith in them to develop what looks very much like the horror version of Heavy Rain!

My only hope is that this isn't Sony's second [The Order: 1886](tag:2707754) of 2015 in terms of worth on release date - what a waste of time. It certainly was a beautiful game but in terms of gameplay, narrative and actual value for money (6 hours campaign?!), The Order was a real disappointment. However, Until Dawn is selling itself on its replay-ability, stating that every time you play could yield a completely different outcome. The campaign will be 9 hours long and Supermassive Games urge you to replay it over and over to see how much it can transform.

Until Dawn
Until Dawn

Until Dawn - Hayden Panettiere & Peter Stormare Star In the PS4's Horror Version of Heavy Rain

If you've seen any gameplay for Until Dawn, you'll instantly recognise its similarity with Heavy Rain. For those that haven't played it before, Heavy Rain was essentially an interactive film. You'd be pushed through a number of quick time events and required to solve puzzles outside of cinematics, then gather evidence and such as you controlled various characters in a dark tale of murder and mystery. I actually really enjoyed it - despite my indifference towards QTEs in games.

But the greatest aspect about Heavy Rain was that the narrative actually changed based on the decisions you made - or your inability to hit the correct button at certain moments. Characters could die halfway through Heavy Rain if you failed a certain segment. At times its total lack of gameplay became a bit disengaging, however it was great to see a game transform before you every time you played it. Until Dawn looks like it's seeking a similar reception.

Peter Stormare in Until Dawn
Peter Stormare in Until Dawn

And it stars Hayden Panettiere and Peter Stormare! What more could you want?! Seriously though, Peter Stormare is an absolute legend. In any case, it seems that Until Dawn is comfortable in its cliche-ridden plot. A group of young teenagers head out to an isolated cabin in the woods to commemorate the anniversary of the death of one of their friends. But of course, an insane serial killer in a mask starts hunting all of them down in some pretty horrible ways.

We've seen this film more than once. However, I like how brazen Until Dawn is about its cliches, I mean they even have Hayden Panettiere running around in a bloody towel as she runs from a murder - you can't get more cliche than that! But what do you guys think? Did you like Heavy Rain? Do you think Until Dawn looks like something worth buying on its release date for the PS4? Be sure to let us know in the comments!


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