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The concept of the Suicide Squad is not something exclusive to comics, the ideas of disparate, not entirely good people coming together to fight for a cause has been around for centuries. Movies like the Seven Samurai, Dirty Dozen and the soon to be complete Suicide Squad movie have brought through the celluloid the idea that being a villain is sometimes subjective... even a bad man can be a "hero" if his world or life is in danger.

With that in mind I am creating my own Suicide Squad of 4... spoilers for movies or shows may be ahead...

The Brains

Every squad needs a tactical mastermind, someone who can lead on the battlefield and in the briefing room and put a plan together that not only is gonna work but that will give the team at least a HOPE of surviving to the next mission. For that I choose...

Col. John "Hannibal" Smith

The master of the impossible, often bizarre plan and making an inescapable situation into a win. While Smith is known for his work with The A-Team, this is a man who reached the position of Colonel on his own, before they came along based on his tactical genius and fighting skills. While slightly older, he has the experience, the physical prowess and fighting ability and is a master of disguise. All elements useful to a Suicide Squad... but key above almost everything else is that Smith is a man who demands and gets respect. BA doesn't kill him when he drugs him for flight for example... why? Cos he respects the guy too damn much, even though he is constantly deceiving and putting him into his nightmare scenario. Face goes to ridiculous lengths to scam what Hannibal needs for the plan cos he knows the smallest details matter to the Colonel... there's no "Rocket Raccoon" style leg requests. Murdock has a cushy life but repeatedly escapes and risks consequences such as more drugs etc, cos he respects his boss.

Neeson's portrayal is more what I have gone for here. While many consider the TV version better, the one thing the movie got right was showing that Hannibal was a bad-ass soldier in his own right, just now the wrong side of 50. Peppard's version often seemed to be more interested in his acting than the mission at hand... not so with this Hannibal.

You could easily call this squad an alternate A-Team as well as a Suicide Squad with Hannibal. Runner up here is Dutch Scheaffer from Predator - someone who knows what a no-win situation is and still came out of it, with equal military training and resourcefulness... the downer, his team all died... The A-Team didn't.

The Muscle

Every squad needs someone who is able to be the "tank" of the group, to take hits, hit others hard and not care about doing so. If they are someone who will rigidly follow orders, all the better.

The T-800 - Terminator 2

With that in mind the perfect weapon for the team is Ahhhnold's Terminator. With the correct programming, he is able to achieve physical feats the others can't and take fire that would kill them in an instant. His neural net/database would allow access to most computers and technology. He would be a valuable medic in the field with his detailed knowledge of anatomy and as shown in T-2, is capable of learning on the go and adapting to the situation. There are dangers of course, malfunction, and the simple fact that a machine capable of independent thought may simply decide to do the mission itself and abandon/kill it's already condemned teammates out of "efficiency". But the T-2 Terminator isn't that machine, instead of John Connor doing the programming it's whichever figure is behind the squad, the Amanda Waller of the situation... and any military figure with assets of this caliber will want them back in one piece where possible, but be prepared to sacrifice them... thinking of M as played by Judy Dench here... an honorable mention goes to Wolverine here... it's a close call but he's never really been one to follow orders, a robot... much better for this kind of work.

Think about that for a moment, even once all the tissue and stuff is gone, you still have a killing machine... no brainer.

The Acrobat

Every team needs someone who can get into those impossible places, or who can make the leap of faith required to achieve the mission goal. Their fighting prowess is likely to be based around their agility, there may be martial arts involved, parkour or even powers that assist. Arguably the best for the job in this team is...


Sure, not strictly a villain, but he is viewed as a criminal by many for his vigilante actions. It's not hard to imagine a captured Peter Parker being press ganged into doing some missions with this team. He's young enough that he would respond well to working with Hannibal Smith and take orders, while using his other abilities to help in those situations where it's near impossible for the others to achieve the physical feats required. He has a strong sense of responsibility, so whatever mission they are sent on, provided he is on a "need to know" he would apply himself and also have a strong responsibility to getting all his team-mates home in one piece...or if not, at least home. His wisecracking personality would also add to the morale of the team, after all a team being sent to their deaths are probably gonna have a little space in their lives for gallows humor.

From a logistical perspective, his webbing can be used to help the team escape, to save them if wounded and his Spider Sense would be invaluable in avoiding casualties.

Of course Spidey is a "good man", so it may be difficult to get him to do the more morally questionable work required by this team... unless.

It's Black Suited Spidey...

The symbiote brings out the dark side in Peter Parker, and if he's going to be a useful member of the team... he may need to be re-introduced to his former "partner", by fair means or foul. Venom would have been considered, but too unstable... the symbiote could in theory attach to anyone, but you want the specific skillset. So you don't capture Parker till you have the symbiote ready and... hey, this IS a Suicide Squad, the methods are not going to be ethical...

Runner up here would be everyone's favourite Merc With a Mouth, Deadpool... but like Wolverine, he's not gonna follow orders. Parker would, if it meant he would be able to get back to his old life.

The Transport Expert

Every team needs someone who can get the team where they need to be, be it by land, sea or air and also be able to contribute to the mission while they are there. Again, this is not strictly a villain, but someone who definitely has things in their past they may want to atone for.

Melinda May A.K.A The Cavalry

While on paper, Grant Ward is the easy and logical choice for this team, it's May who has constantly outsmarted and beaten him on Agents Of Shield. She's someone who is willing to do WHATEVER is required to achieve the mission, even to the detriment of friends and teammates.

In battle she never wavers, she serves as an able second in command and can lead on the ground when required. As a pilot she can get the team where they need to be on time and ready for action.

She'd also serve as a mentor to young Parker and it's here that May wins out over the other obvious choice, Black Widow.

Widow is now portrayed as a much more emotional person than May has been, May is experienced as a trainer/mentor and with more military discipline. Widow is almost "one of the boys" in her role in the Avengers and while there are advantages to using her... May fits more as the cold blooded killer.

The downside with May is of course, like Smith, she is not remotely powered. One bullet can take her down if fired right. But till that bullet is fired, she's the one woman I think EVERYONE would want on their team.

So that's my 4 person team... of course there are other slots I won't fill here but some examples might be...

The Crazy

The Technical Genius

The Anti-Hero

The Con-Man

The Femme Fatale

Hope you enjoyed my list and feel free to add your own ideas below.


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