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Kalimán is "The Seventh Descendant of the Seventh Dynasty" of Kali, goddess of justice, and thus was predestined to become a hero. Raised in a temple in Tibet, he mastered "the powers of the mind and the body" and then vowed to wander the world fighting evil, a vow he must renew at the temple every seven years. His only regular supporting character was Solin, an Egyptian boy whom Kalimán picked up on his first published adventure to be his sidekick.

Kalimán is more than a hero and no less than a superhero. His exploits reached legendary proportions. It emerged from the golden age of Mexican broadcasting, and its great popularity became a cartoon and a movie while maintaining very high levels of acceptance. His extraordinary and fascinating adventures were published in comic books that remained for over twenty five years running a weekly sale of over one million and a half copies, sometimes reaching 3 million in its most successful adventures. Kalimán circulated exclusively on the Hispanic market in America, in Mexico 78% of that figure, bringing together the magazines sold to date just over one billion copies, possibly a world record for a single hero adventure his own weekly magazine. Kalimán fed the imagination of his followers taking them to fantastic and exotic worlds, for as soon solved a difficult case in India as it looked transported back to the fabled or faced the most powerful gods of Greek mythology. Transported deep in the jungles of Africa, to the most mysterious Inca ruins, Kaliman is a man who has taken his mind and body to the limits.

Her are some famous Kaliman the Incredible quotes:

  • Who dominates the mind, dominates everything.
  • Serenity and patience, my dear Solin, patience.
  • There is always a way when intelligence is used.
  • The ability and intelligence are more valuable than brute force.
  • There is no force more powerful than the human mind and the mind dominates, dominates everything.
  • He who does not take risks never wins.
  • The light of truth and justice always win.
  • The leaf of a tree without the will of the Almighty does not move.
  • Revenge is a bad counselor.
  • The value is to overcome fear.
  • I must call to account for their actions to those who commit these atrocities.
  • We attack evil with justice.
  • Even the longest journey begins with the first step.
  • The man was not born to be a slave of man; I was born free and will remain free.
  • Freedom is the essence of life.
  • Look no false paths; the truth is within yourself.
  • Sometimes reality is amazing ...
  • The best defense is attack.
  • He who sows the wind will reap tempests.
  • Not everything that the eyes see is true.
  • Only the coward flees to danger ...
  • Intelligence is better than brute force.
  • The height of a man is measured by the value of their shares ...
  • I always keep my oaths.
  • That the road is your goal truth and justice.
  • Only the cowardly surrender without a fight.
  • Always overcome evil with the power of truth ...
  • If you want to be treated with dignity, he proves to be responsible, fair and dignified.
  • Truth and wisdom take further your ship through the sea of life.
  • The hardest hiding is the easiest (By Voice)
  • When you are to danger, uncertainty or doubt, you must have serenity and patience, patience.
  • Who enjoys the tranquility lost stolen and sometimes life.
  • You'll have to be a winner yourself to beat the others.
  • Trust is the shortest way to make mistakes.
  • Freedom is the essence of life.
  • My spirit will never be overcome by evil.
  • Only the coward dies twice

Actor Jeff Cooper portrayed Kaliman The Incredible in this 1972 film.

Kalimán has no superhuman powers, he is a human at the peak of his abilities, thanks to the esoteric knowledge he has. It is assumed that Solín, a common boy, will eventually take his place as he learns from Kalimán.

Only in two adventures "El Extraño Doctor Muerte" (The Strange Doctor Death) and "El Dragón Rojo" (The Red Dragon) he gets momentary superhuman powers, thanks to the third eye, opened by the lama masters.

Kalimán never kills. He even puts his life in danger to prevent any kind of killing.

Kalimán, the Incredible Man is one of best known superheroes ever created in Latin America (though curiously, the character himself isn't Latino). Originally a Radio Show from the 1960s, it was adapted into a comic book series that lasted until the 1980s, as well as two live-action movies during the '70s.


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