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Ok so the best superhero show in years has just finished its first season in the U.K, all be it a week behind our U.S friends, and what a finale it was, but it left so much unanswered. Here are my top 7, take a stab at andwering them in the comments by all means!

1. When Eddie shot himself, the reverse flash was erased from existence effectively meaning Barry's mum wouldn't have been killed, Star labs would not have been built yet so why didn't everything change around them?

2. Killer Frost was in the speed force, meaning she is definitely in Barry's future, did he recognize her as Caitlin will he tell her?

3. Jay Garricks hat came through the wormhole not only teasing Earth 2 but the whole multiverse is this in season 2?

4. Has this whole first season been an alternate timeline from the start ?

5. How will what happens on episode 1 of the flash season 2 effect The Arrow as they are in the same universe.

6. Is Barry gonna run fast enough in the black hole to go back in time a day and effectively reset everything effectively causing an Eddiepoint, as opposed to a flash point?

7. Dr Wells teased the Vibe for Cisco are we going to see his powers develop in season 2?


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