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- Soul of the film

The original film had a certain happy human feel to it that made the audience care for the family and get invested into their story. But in this 2015 remake, the family right off the bat is boring and depressed. The chemistry between the parents in the film is awful! In the film the family is having money problems, which in my opinion made the beginning of the film boring an gloomy. This gloomy effect that was put on the film made the film feel like a slow passed "Paranormal Activity" movie. The original film had an real organic family feel to it that this new remake just doesn't have.


I 'm not sure if their was any practical effects in this film. This movie is loaded with CGI, and not even very good CGI. Going back to that organic theme of the original film, the practical effects in the original made everything seem real and scary. Yes, their was some animation (if you will) in the original film but it was kept to a minimum. In this remake everything is CGI and it took me as a viewer out of the movie because I knew it was fake. The original film put the audience into the world of the film, but this movie couldn't even get my attention half of the time, and the VFX of the film play a big part in it.

- Acting

The acting in this film is nothing but average. Their are no risks taken at all by the actors here and it shows. When you compare this films acting to the sucks. The acting in the original brought life to the film but the boring and bland acting here in this remake kills the film within the first five minutes of the film. Not everyone here does a bad job but majority rules here with the amount of cheesy actors doing cheesy acting chops through out their whole time on the screen... i'm looking at you in particular Jarred Harris!

- Modern

This bothers me a lot that they over modernized the world in this movie. Yes, I know that the film does take place during our generation today, but with iPads and flat screens being slapped onto the screen it makes the film feel like a commercial. The film doesn't have as many advertisements as the movie "Sex Tape" but it is obvious who the sponsors of the film were.

- Another dimension

Showing the other dimension in the film was a big mistake. It left little to the imagination. I don't mean to keep comparing it to the original but what that movie did better was the Steven Spielberg effect. In the 1982 film Carol Ann describes the world she is in and what was going on, we couldn't see it for our self's, and that gave the viewer a chance to use their imagination and build a frightening vision of the world in their own mind.

- The ending to the film

Its awful and abrupt. I'll just leave it at that.

Don't go see this movie it is a waist of time and money! Their are so many problems with this film, in fact too many to put on your computer screen. You know what if you want to see an instant classic go see Mad Max: Fury Road, it is an amazing film, its the most fun I have ever had watching a film in a theater, and it's worth all of the money it makes.


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