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The Blazing Skull (Mark Anthony Todd) is a fictional superhero in the Marvel Comics universe, created during the thirties of XX century by Timely comics in the Golden Age of Comic Books. His first appearance was in Mystic Comics # 5 (March 1941), the authors remain unknown even today.

Blazing Skull not be confused with Ghost Rider, which also is represented with a flaming skull. In addition, it has nothing to do with the character Skull the Slayer (James Scully) that briefly used the alias "Blazing Skull."

Blazing Skull debuted in "The Story of Mark Todd," a nine-page story in 1941 in which he also appeared Marvel and his fellow Black Terror. She continued to appear in Mystic Comics to number # 9 (May 1941), unless in a story ("The Thing", in # 8) which was inked by the great Syd Shores.

A duplicate of Blazing Skull appears briefly, along with other Patriot duplicate, End, and the Angel of the Golden Age and Vision, to help the Avengers in The Avengers # 97 (March 1972).

Blazing Skull has starred at the present time an adventure, set during the Second World War in Midnight Sons Unlimited # 9 (May 1995). Nearly ten years later, he was introduced in modern continuity in history divided into four numbers called "Once an Invader" in The Avengers vol. 3, # 82-84 (July-Sept. 2004) and in particular the least number New Invaders # 0 (Aug. 2004). Blazing Skull appeared in the final number, New Invaders # 9 (June 2005).

The foreign correspondent Mark Todd, assigned by his newspaper to cover the Second Sino-Japanese War, is forced to take refuge in a cave for a Japanese artillery bombardment. Inside he is with Skull Men, an alien race with burning skulls instead of heads. They will report that it has been chosen by the forces of destiny to be the champion of liberty, will train, which will grant invulnerability skills such as fire. Once their training is complete, you return to your home and motivated by the horror of Nazism, it will create a uniform with a flaming mask (in honor of the Skull Men), taking the name "Blazing Skull". As time goes on and as the teacher taught the men Skull gains in skill and get turn invisible, taking the appearance of his master and letting you use the mask.

Quickly, Todd contacted with a group of superheroes, the Invaders, helped them to fight against Axis, saving the lives of Namor. He also helped the group during the allied air superhero landing a Nazi fortress.

As the war in Europe was coming to end, Blazing Skull merged with Union Jack and the Destroyer to defeat a group of spies in England.


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