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Scott Derrickson is seemingly loving his new job as the director of Dr Strange. He's been doing his homework on Strange, reading up on the Doc through what is probably mountains of comic books and then posting his favorite panels on his Twitter account. It's pretty cool to know that he loves the movie, even before shooting has commenced! So Strange is in good hands as far as I'm concerned.

But how will the movie connect to the rest of the MCU? Strange was mentioned in The Winter Soldier, but that was only a little Easter Egg to excite us fans. So at the moment, there doesn't seem to be anything connecting the Sorcerer Supreme to the rest of the MCU.

Well that was the case until Scott Derrickson tweeted this...

So.. Death is coming to the MCU!!! (maybe)

From the look of this Tweet, it does seem that Derrickson has unofficially confirmed that the embodiment of Death is making its way to Dr Strange. It's a very clever move on his behalf as it has certainly given us Marvel fans a reason to get excited for Dr Strange in 2016.

This possibility of Death being introduced isn't that surprising to some eagle-eyed people though. Why? Because of this...

This mural was on the floor of the tomb which Star-Lord found the Orb in in the opening scene of GotG. You can probably tell that the 6 colored stones in the middle are none other than the Infinity Stones, but the four people around them? They're another story! They're said to be (from the top going left to right) Death, Entropy, Eternity and Infinity. This is obviously foreshadowing Infinity War or even something greater like the fight between these four cosmic beings for supremacy.

What does this mean for the MCU though? Well...

Death would play a big role in Phase 3

Relationship problems...
Relationship problems...

If Death was introduced in the MCU, its role in the continuing Phase 3 would be vital, especially in Avengers Infinity War. This is because in The Infinity Gauntlet storyline from the comics (which Infinity War will be based on) the female embodiment of Death is the very reason Thanos tries to wipe out all life in the universe. His actions are to try to gain her affection *queue sappy music*.

So in a very creepy way it would be a good thing for Death to be introduced in the MCU to give Thanos' actions real purpose. It would be harder to get emotionally involved in Thanos' rein of tyranny if we don't know what it is that drives him right? In addition to that it would show us how mad the 'Mad Titan' actually is as he is literally in love with death itself! If that's not crazy then I don't know what is anymore.

So with all that info on board...

It makes sense that Death might be introduced in Dr Strange!

The Master of the Mystic Arts - Dr Strange
The Master of the Mystic Arts - Dr Strange

Firstly I have to state that Death was a major part of Dr Strange's origin! After having defeated Death, Strange gained the title 'Sorcerer Supreme'. What's cool is that the comic book in which he defeated Death is actually the one that Derrickson tweeted about (coincidence?). Although, apparently we aren't seeing an origin story but it doesn't mean we couldn't hear about how Strange has defeated Death before.

If anything it will probably just be a cameo, maybe Death comes to collect Dr Strange as he is on the brink of death at the hands of Baron Modor? Maybe they then have a little chat and somewhere along the line Thanos' name pops up? Who knows, certainly not me! Although if she does appear her presence will very cleverly knit Dr Strange into the rest of the MCU. So when the time comes in 2018 the Sorcerer Supreme will be ready to fight alongside the rest of our heroes against Thanos with knowing asking, 'how'd they all meet?!'

The main question though...

Is it likely that Death will appear in Dr Strange?

Short answer from me: Yes!

There isn't a better opportunity to introduce Death before Infinity War than Dr Strange. If Marvel want to introduce this supernatural, cosmic being into the MCU, where better than in a movie that delves into the supernatural? It's a no brainer really.

As Marvel movies are usually made to be suitable for all ages before I would of said that bringing in the embodiment of Death would've been a bit too far for the MCU. Although look who's directing it - Scott Derrickson: director of some seriously chilling horror movies like Sinister and Deliver us from Evil. You don't get a guy who directs mostly horrors to direct a cliched superhero flick, which obviously means Dr Strange is going to have the scare factor. It probably won't be a full blown horror, but there'll most likely be just enough scare for when Death comes along, because Death isn't supposed to be lovable and huggable.

So the real question now is; What's stopping Marvel from introducing Death in Dr Strange?

Not much, so if I were you, I'd start getting excited for it!

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