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We have yet to see any official material for God of War 4, but by now we're all aware that Sony are working on it for the PS4. It's one of their biggest franchises of all time, and Kratos one of their most famous characters. There was no way that they were going to leave it dormant for long after the climactic and slightly ambiguous conclusion to God of War 3 and we can't wait to see what they have in store.

But the question is whether Kratos will actually return. He's been as vital to the series as the Greek gods he destroyed and having God of War 4 without him would feel pretty strange. Therefore, if he did indeed survive the events of God of War 3, could we see him plunged into a different world all together and expected to take on another race of gods on the game's release date for the PS4?

God of War
God of War

God of War 4 - Could the PS4 Release Date See Kratos Face Thor & Other Norse Gods?

Why do you guys think? Would it be completely ridiculous to have Kratos move away from fighting the Greek gods onto the Norse ones? He's already killed off pretty much all of the Greeks so who else would there be for him to challenge? God of War 4 certainly won't be a prequel, we've seen that happen already. So is it logical to assume that he could move on to other gods for Kratos to tackle? Perhaps logical is the wrong word...

There are plenty of different eras with their own deities that he could tackle, but the Norse ones are probably the second greatest challenge he could face. Thor is the most obvious character that he could attempt to defeat but there are so many aside from him! Tyr for instance is the God of War in Norse mythology. If God of War 4 follows a similar pattern to the trilogy, he'd be the first on his list.

God of War
God of War

Norse mythology is extremely dense and dynamic. They have so many disturbing characters and events, all of which would be just as fascinating to interact with as the Greek episodes were in the previous games. I myself know very little about their mythology in comparison to the Greeks and learning about the mythology was always a real great aspect of the God of War games. Even though you were tearing off heads and lying with naked women, you were simultaneously being educated about a fascinating period of our history and the astounding beliefs that humans shared.

So what do you think God of War fans? Should God of War 4 focus on the Norse gods, like Thor? Should Kratos reprise his role as the protagonist on the PS4? Be sure to let us know in the comments!


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