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I should have been born so that I would've been at my prime in the 60's. I am a kindred spirit to the music and culture, and yes, have even seen the Grateful Dead in concert. So, a year ago when I first saw the idea that NBC was going to take my favorite era, and base a show off one of its most gruesome and horrific times, I was intrigued.

Last night, I finally got my chance to dive in when Aquarius premiered, starring my favorite law man of all time, Fox Mulder... eh... David Duchovny. I was worried he would be a older version of his former fake-self, but I was pleasantly surprised to see faint traces of the skeptical agent, but really a brand new character that I know will be just as fun.

Sam Hodiak (Duchovny) and his new undercover partner, Brian Shafe (Grey Damon), are charged with finding a girl named Emma who has taken off with Charles Manson circa 1967. (So two years before his family was sent off to commit murder in 1969.) An even more pleasant surprise was the side stories that popped up in the first two hours of the premiere: an obvious connection between Emma's father and Manson as well as a case that appears to have sidetracked the new partners that seemed to wrap quickly and give a good idea of just how different Hodiak and Shafe do their jobs.

Although I suspect that it what it did was put pieces into place that will be an underlying thorn in Hodiak's side as the summer goes on.

You can go watch, which I HIGHLY recommend, or find a full recap in a million places. You can even go to and watch the entire series there if you are impatient and feel the need to binge.

But here's what you need to know about Aquarius...

  • Duchovny's Hodiak is awesome.
  • Manson is played by Renley Baratheon - and knowing that will make that parking garage scene that much more poignant.
  • The music is fantastic! I feel like the soundtrack was ripped right off my iPod.
  • The multiple arcs that do not include Charles Manson are as rooted in the time and culture as the maniac himself: Race Riots, Vietnam, Drugs... its all there.

Two episodes in, and I can't pick it apart. That's always a good sign. I do declare this summer will be the Age of Aquarius revisited. Go watch, you won't be sorry.


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