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Britt Robertson and Dylan O'Brien are one of the best and also cutest couples, ever. The two met while filming The First Time in 2011 and have been together ever since. You can tell just by watching the movie that these two are great together. You can't fake chemistry like that.

"Me and Britt hit it off immediately. That’s something that can either happen or not. It’s just about who you guys are as people, in a way. We were really lucky, we had an immediate bond and an immediate friendship."

That friendship went on to become something much greater.

"She was the coolest chick I ever met and she’s the most laid back, funny little firecracker."- Dylan's First impression of Britt

Both of them are quite similar, they're both goofy, loving, kind, funny and they each have a bright and bubbly personality. They're both huge fans of X-Factor, they love the book Moneyball, they both bite their nails, they own two dogs together and most importantly, they're both huge Mets fans.

Britt and Dylan are very private about their relationship, but there are still a whole lot of people out there who love and ship them. Every now and then we get new pictures,

adorable tweets

and quotes.

"OK, this is weird, but in my life, I’ve always been really attracted to Virgos. Every long-term boyfriend I’ve ever had, they’ve all been Virgos. Dylan’s a Virgo, too. He’s the best Virgo of all though."- Britt

However Britt and Dylan aren't like any other couple. Unfortunately their busy careers keep them apart a lot, since Dylan is busy starring in both Teen Wolf and The Maze Runner and Britt has a lot of new movies coming out, so it's no ordinary fairytale, but that doesn't stop them from being together. The two of them are pros at maintaining a long distance relationship, they keep in touch through calling, texting, emails and Snapchat. They always make time to see each other when they're busy filming.

"For the most part, we’re off doing different movies all the time, so to try and find the time for each other is really challenging. But it wouldn’t work if we didn’t want to be together, so we find the time. We make it work."- Britt

Dylan visiting Britt on Tomorrowland set Sept 2013
Dylan visiting Britt on Tomorrowland set Sept 2013
Dylan visiting Britt in Vancouver September 2014
Dylan visiting Britt in Vancouver September 2014

Dylan even skipped the 2014 TCAs just to visit Britt in North Carolina. Britt used to fly to Atlanta to visit Dylan after filming The Secret Circle for 19 hours straight! That says a lot about how dedicated they are to each other.

The top 10 cutest pictures of Britt and Dylan










Last but certainly not least, #1

Britt and Dylan are both very close to each others families. Even their onscreen ones.

Britt is especially close to Dylan's parents, which is beyond sweet if you ask me.

For Britt and Dylan it's not constant date nights, fancy parties or spending all their time together. It's working hard to maintain their relationship, cause that's what people who really love each other do. Britt and Dylan, or Brylan as we call them are truly a very rare and amazing One True Pairing.

Why did I write this article you may ask, well it's to show people just how great Dylan O'Brien and Britt Robertson are, each on their own, and mostly together.

Four years together and still going strong ♥

Four years and counting :)
Four years and counting :)

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