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Questions as to whether David Ayer's Suicide Squad movie is a sequel or prequel to Zack Snyder's Batman vs Superman have been up in the air since the scoop was first reported months ago. And the more and more we see of Batman and Joker's presence in the Suicide Squad movie - the more questions it raises about when Batman vs Superman is intended to take place. Let's take a look at what we've heard about the situation between these two as Warner Bros and DC set to reintroduce the characters.

Batman, The Joker & A Death in the Family

By all accounts from those who got their hands on the Batman vs Superman script, the Joker is a known quantity - even Superman knows about him, but he doesn't directly figure into the events of the movie. Seeing as how Jared Leto didn't get dressed up for the character until after Batman vs Superman wrapped, this all adds up. But there were also rumors that we may touch on some history between Bats and Mr. J and a conflict that ended up with Batman putting The Joker away - the killing of Robin.

Batman & the fallen Robin in Death in the Family
Batman & the fallen Robin in Death in the Family

When huge plot leaks about Suicide Squad first emerged, the movie opens with The Joker in prison for this dead and Amanda Waller has a fascination with The Joker and him being the only guy to have actually had any meaningful contact with the mysterious vigilante. But these plot leaks also promised a big prison breakout at the end of the movie that would see the criminals and villains escaping and being allowed to get into all sorts of hijinks in future DC movies.

So this would mean that the Joker isn't behind bars in Batman vs Superman - which puts a bit of a twist on things. Since we've seen footage of what looks like Suicide Squad filming the scene of Batman capturing The Joker, it's been speculated that this is a flashback moment in Suicide Squad that would establish the pre-prison relationship between Joker and Harley Quinn as well as how they ended up in custody. But was this capturing of The Joker due to Batman seeking justice for the death of Robin?

Returning to The Dark Knight Rises & Jenna Malone's Robin

Ages ago now it seems, there was the tease of Jena Malone's character in Batman vs Superman being none other than the female Robin Carrie Kelley from the acknowledged source of inspiration for the movie, Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Returns. (It was even confirmed at one point by a quickly fired extra on the set of the movie's production.) This would fall perfectly in line with the rumors of Batman having lost a Robin in the past and being unwilling to take on another who could end up with the same fate befalling them.

Carrie Kelley as Robin in The Dark Knight Rises
Carrie Kelley as Robin in The Dark Knight Rises

I think it would be great for the new Batman to take whatever steps it can to set itself apart from the Christopher Nolan movies and make it clear form the get go that this is a new vision. Adding Jenna Malone as a potential Carrie Kelley Robin would only add to that - aside from the very idea that Jenna Malone playing a Robin to Ben Affleck's Batman is just inherently a very cool idea that should find its way into the movie regardless.

Jesse Eisenberg's New Generation of Lex Luthor

Just as Jenna Malone's Robin can help break this Batman free of the past - Jesse Eisenberg's Lex Luthor in Batman vs Superman is shaping up to be one of the most inspired choices to put the hammy Luthors of the past behind us. Kevin Spacey wasn't bad necessarily but just as the character was in the days of Christopher Reeve, Lex Luthor and his sidekicks have long been a go-to for comic relief in Superman movies.

Lex Luthor is building something else at LexCorp.
Lex Luthor is building something else at LexCorp.

One of the most anticipated things about Batman vs Superman is to see Jesse Eisenberg bring a sinister new take on Lex Luthor and one that is rooted in the real wold and present day fears of what kind of evil corruption can lurk behind the powerful people of society. Much like Daredevil did with Kingpin Wilson Fisk, it will be great to see a Lex Luthor that is preaching restoration and peace, manipulating the press and all the while creating a monster in the LexCorp labs. Lex Luthor has long been the most recognizable villain in the universe of Superman and it is time he received an update in the eyes of the world.

What do you think? Are you excited to see a different take on Lex Luthor and Robin in [Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice](tag:711870)? What do you think of the take Jesse Eisenberg is bringing to the role? Let us know in the comments section below!


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