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Chris Welsh

This cast is a quieter but equally deadly team of killers and sociopaths than perhaps other squads. A ruthless, twisted bunch that can still notch up a body count without blinking an eye.


Squad Leader. Bill is a skilled assassin. He is highly trained in Martial Arts, firearms, drugs and poisons. He is intelligent with a grounding in philosophy, history and speaks at least two/three languages.

Cyrus 'The Virus' Grissom

The notorious criminal mastermind and second in command. The cold cunning nature and strategic mind. Cyrus is able and focused able to hijack a prison plane of criminals during a prison transfer. He is Bill's Consigliere.

Charles 'Chucky' Lee Ray

Chucky, is the wild card of the group. He is foul mouthed, violent and sadistic. Chucky does infiltrations and kills when force wont quite do it. He is also the groups expert on the supernatural. Never underestimate this little doll in a fight; resourceful, unhinged and a near impossible to kill, makes this guy a good choice.

Annie Wilkes

Evey squad needs the crazy, fan-girl. There is no crazier than Ex nurse Annie Wilkes. She is the number one fan of all the other members . Unlike Paul Sheldon however, her teammates understand and respect her dedication. Annie also plays medic for the group when necessary. Interrogation and prisoner containment are Annie's specialty.


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