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It's been over a week since the season finale of The Flash. And I got to say, I was on the edge of my seat to see Barry finally defeat the Reverse Flash, although Barry didn't deliver the final blow. The real hero of the show was the late Edward Thawne, aka Eddie, Iris's would-have-been fiancee. In a way, he got what he wanted in the end. He was the hero of the hour and from a certain stand point, he got the girl. But it was not made to last. He made an honorable sacrifice. But enough of the tear-jerking moments. Let's get down to brass tax, as the saying goes. Let's talk about what to expect in the coming season.

A New Firestorm

That's right. Ronnie and Dr. Stein are no longer the only Firestorm. Luc Roderique has been confirmed to play the other Firestorm, Jason Rusch. If you remember, Jason was first seen in the episode "Revenge of the Rogues". In this episode, Caitlin is coming up on a lead to Ronnie's disappearance. That lead's name is Jason Rusch. Jason was a part of the Firestorm project and, of course, Dr. Stein was the team leader of that project. Is it possible that he was exposed to the particle accelerator explosion? Well, I would think so. What would the famous trio of Firestorms be without Jason?

The coming of Vibe

It's already been confirmed by the Reverse Flash himself that Cisco was exposed to the radiation of the explosion. And we've already seen Cisco sport some interesting looking shades that sort of resemble his goggles he wears in this photo. And those goggles came in great handy when they help Cisco see the alternate timeline where the Reverse Flash kills Cisco with his vibrating arm.

And, of course, a lot more is to come. We'll see a lot of time travel involved. Especially since time travel is the main theme for DC's Legends of Tomorrow. We'll probably also see Iris's famous nephew, Wally, come into the picture. If not that Kid Flash, maybe we'll see Barry's grandson, Impulse. Or both. We'll just have to wait until fall.

See you in the fall!


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