ByVenkat Bulusu, writer at

"Racy" would sum the whole movie up in one word. Not a moment of peace as buildings come crashing, earth keeps cracking, hoover dam crumbling, Golden gate bridge snapping and San Andreas sinking.


Rock works as a rescuer in the fire department of Los Angeles. Caltech professor comes up with a way of predicting earthquakes and hence discovers that a series of quakes are gonna rock (not Dwayne) the city. Meanwhile, Dwayne's wife is in a building and his daughter in an another. How he saves them both amidst all the havoc is the basic plot.


  • Dwayne's screen presence
  • Sharp camera work
  • Racy pace
  • plot twists and turns
  • Alexandra Daddario. Believe me, she is hot.
  • Breathtaking visuals
  • Really nice 3D work after a really long time


  • A little over-the-top stunts
  • Rock flies a helicopter in LAFR but somehow learns to drive a plane all of a sudden.
  • Very predictable story path ( day after tomorrow, 2012 etc)


Run to your nearest cinema and catch the action on the big screen. You definitely won't regret this decision. Rock on ( pun intended).


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