ByRuben Meloney Acuña, writer at
Ruben Meloney Acuña

Author Stephen King has given his blessing for producer Dan Lin to do the remake of "IT". Pennywise the clown is coming back to scare a new generation. i know he haunted my dreams as a child. When Lin sent King the script he was more that happy to give the approval stating: "Go with God, Please!! this is the version the studio should make."

so, if the king of literary horror approves of the new script you know it has got to be good. they have prepped for IT's image in march but they are in the hopes of filming in july of 2015. Lin stated in an interview that this film just like The Hobbit and Twilight cannot be put into just one film so it will be split into two films to do it justice. Be prepared to bring an extra pair of underwear to the theater for this movie full of horror.

they have cast Will Poulter a 22 year old actor to play penny wise. yes, you read that right a 22 year old. that is literally half the age of tim curry at the time he played the demonic killer clown in 1980. he may be young but he sure does have the eye brows for the job. They are currently looking to release this worse than any nightmare movie in 2017. Here's to hoping for a sooner rather than later release date.


Do you think the remake will be better than the original film?


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