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In terms of X-men events of the 90's, Marvel was rolling them out pretty much each year. But, one in particular was seen as the main X-men event, and it was called "Inferno". Hell had literally swept across New York, and nobody was safe. The comic had tie-ins in almost all the New York based comic series(and also introduced the Demogoblin, who was a fan favorite of Spidey villains for years), but the main story focused on the X-men. Everyone was present in this set, and the villains were eventually defeated. But, what if the heroes had lost and the demons had continued their reign of New York. That is the question that Hopeless tries to answer in this Secret wars crossover that takes place on a small region of Battleworld.

Javi Garron does an incredible job drawing this issue, which encompasses a number of different styles. There is the happy panels that show Colossus with his girlfriend/wife Domino(they never really say).But, there's also the demonic panels that show what New York now looks like when it's been taken over by Hell. The X-Men generally rely on science for their stories in one way or another, so the supernatural element feels a little bit out of place but in the context of this "What If?" story, it works perfectly. Colossus has chosen to be the leader of a group of mutants who must enter the realms of Hell to save the life of his sister who has been taken over by the demons of N'Astah. But, it never goes easily. Lives are lost and those who survive are never going to be the same again. Now, it's the final chance to save her, and he will not stop until he succeeds. Dennis Hopeless shows us a part of Battleworld where the X-Men were forced to retreat during their battle against the demons. Jumping to four years later, we get to see how they've changed and what their mission is. As a story, it serves it's purpose and fans of the original set will be excited to read this one. Even if you have never read the set from the 90's, you get an excellent jumping on point within the first 3 pages. I give this book a 7 out of 10.


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