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Since the start of Secret wars, we have seen that the purpose of Battleworld is to keep Doom happy and entertained. He has seperated all the nations into small groups, with one rule in mind. Nobody may enter the other regions. But, sometimes people do and they must be dealt with. His other rule is also quite simple....all must obey the law of Doom. But again, not everyone does and they also must be dealt with quite severly and quickly. Some readers might be upset that the Inhumans comic had ended to make room for Secret wars. But, Soule does an excellent job of giving us a story that is very essential to the Battleworld region and the consequences of not listening to their God.

"Battleworld" is the only continuity "Inhumans: Attilan Rising" #1 needs. Soule, Timms, Poggi, D'Armata and Cowles put a new spin on the Inhumans, on Battleworld and on Lord Doom's inner circle with design leads from Dave Johnson. This comic feels important and, based on what's presented here, it is important. The council is discussed quite heavily in this issue and shows that even the heroes that we know and love from the past 50 years could be corrupted. We also get an excellent cliffhanger that shows that not everybody is the same as we remember them. The true exciting part of this book is that you do not need to be an Inhumans fan to enjoy this story. The characters are explained perfectly and it feels like you're starting an all new series with an issue number one. I am sure that a number of people will choose to skip this tie-in, just as they choose to skip the Inhumans comic in general. But, for those that do read this book they will see an essential chapter of Secret Wars unfold before their eyes, and witness the start of something big that is on the horizon. Now all the tie-ins seem like they fit in the main picture of the saga. Some you can't even tell are even taking place on Battleworld. But, this one does. If you wanna read a good comic,give this one a shot. I give this story a 8 out of 10, and I can't wait to see what happens next issue when Medusa confronts (spoiler....won't tell you).


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