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I just got possible news that perhaps the biggest cult classic of the 80's will finally get a sequel, and that movie is Big Trouble In Little China!

Now before you get to excited, this news hasn't been announced by anyone said to be working on the project. But here is what to say about this news.

News just dropped; Fox are planning a sequel to the fan favorite. It is not announced who will direct the movie, when it will be released or who the cast will be as it is early stages but Big Trouble in Little China fans can expect a long awaited second dose inside the next few years.

I'm personally torn between extreme excitement and extreme resentment. Because like many other Hollywood classics, the first just seems like it can't be touched. On the other hand though I want to see what direction they take this movie. Only time will tell whether it lives up to the name or not though!

Characters They HAVE To Include In The Sequel

1. If they do end up making this movie, they have to bring back certain characters of course. The first of those characters is obviously the beloved Jack Burton. Without his arrogant and witty attitude the first movie probably wouldn't be as great as it is.

2. Wang Chi, the real hero of the movie who is looking for his fiance.

3. Gracie Law, the female lead in the movie who sometimes involves herself a little to much.

4. Miao Yin, the fiance of Wang Chi who was kidnapped from the beginning of the movie and wasn't rescued until the very end.

5. Lo Pan, the number one villain of the movie who tried his hardest to regain his younger body by appeasing the unknown gods frequently mentioned in the movie.


What Do YOU Think Of A Sequel To Big Trouble In Little China?


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