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Since the start of "Secret Wars", the crossovers that have come out have tried to be serious and extend the lands on Battleworld. But, sooner or later one series was due to come out that didn't take itself too seriously, but still went indepth on another region of this planet. The region is known as Killville, and the main cop of this region is MODOK, who's sole purpose is to kill anyone there that either has a high enough intelligence to get in the way, or has a power level to interfere with God-Doom.

While there are still lots of fun and engaging stories to be told with superheroes, this one takes a completely different approach to the genre, and laughs in its face while doing so. It might not be the most exciting comic to ever grace the stands, but it is one of the best so far of the Secret Wars tie-ins, and one of the few that is really trying something very different. What makes this issue also impressive is that MODOK is seen as the hero of the comic, yet all he does in the issue is kill everyone he meets. Yet, we still can laugh at it, especially with the visuals of Amilcar Pinna who draws all of MODOKs weapons with comedy and insanity. The battle between MODOK and Bullseye is enough of a reason to buy the book. To see the missiles and bombs that MODOK throws to take down his foe(is he even a foe??)is quite amusing.

MODOK verses Bullseye
MODOK verses Bullseye

But, in terms of a story, this book is quite low. But, I don't even feel a story was necessary for it. In the last few years, the character of MODOK has become pretty much a joke. He went from being ruthless and a true foe to being a comedy figure in a "Secret Avengers" comic that has been renumbered 4 times in the last 6 years. MODOK has only one purpose in the comics and that is to kill any organism he comes across. Well, he shows that in this book(along with the MODOK-mobile) and still comes across as campy. It's a fun read and I give this book a 6 out of 10.


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