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It's been another brilliantly creative week for Moviepilot Creators with a variety of videos, quizzes, fan artworks, cosplay costumes and much, much more being shared with Moviepilot readers! Check out some of the greatest posts on offer this week with our Top Ten New Creator Posts This Week!

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Which Iron Man Suit Would Suit You Best? by Rohit Ramachandran

You know that saying, “the clothes don’t make the man” ? Well, what if we were talking about high technology battle armour designed by billionaire engineer Tony Stark? I have a feeling that a such an outfit might be an exception to that rule. Take this awesome quiz designed by Rohit Ramachandran and find out which amazing Iron Man suit you would dawn in battle. Civil War is coming guys, be prepared.

Anime Expectations vs Reality by ThatGuyYouKnowww

We’ve all seen that one film or show that made us feel like we could do absolutely anything, like defy the laws of physics and actually become the heroes (or villains) that we’d seen on screen. However, shortly thereafter you probably realised that you couldn’t leap over buildings, run like The Flash or shoot energy waves from your fists. If you know that feel then this video, “Anime Expectations vs. Reality”, is for you.

How Mortal Kombat Characters Eat Their Food by Sean Caspian

The characters of Mortal Combat are not the really into subtly - and that's what makes this video of them all eating dinner so fun. Newbie Creator, Sean Caspian delivers his viral hit to us on Moviepilot - keep an eye on him for more!

6 Things That Need to Happen in Captain America 3: Civil War by Donovan White

The countdown to Civil War is on and super-fan Donovan White has got a wish list of what we want - no NEED - to see from it. Head on over to the post and let him know what you're looking forward to most!

Marvel Superheroes Genderswapped! by Ágnes Domokos

We have become so accustomed to seeing certain actors and actresses playing the Avengers that it would be strange to see others portraying them. Not only did Ágnes Domokos did take on the challenge of fan casting the Avengers, she took it a step further and gender-swapped them. Imagine Theresa Palmer as Quicksilver, and what if Zoe Saldana became a winged heroine? Be sure to check out Ágnes' latest work and don't forget to let her know which one's you favorite.

Oh No! Looks Like Some of Our Favorite Movie Icons Have Fallen on Hard Times by Crummy Gummy

As an artist the goal is often for your art to reach as many people as possible. What better way to achieve this than by displaying your work on the streets for the whole world to see? For this series new MP Creator Crummy Gummy has photographed some his own street art, featuring his favorite toys and action figures, and making it seem as though they'd hit rock bottom. These famous film and television characters can confirm: the struggle IS real. Check it out!

Mad Max Fury Road is Feminist? by BossLevel8

It only takes a quick glance at BossLevel8's Moviepilot profile to see that he has taken the platform with both hands and lived up to his name (BossLevel8). His first post is a fantastic satire on the recent criticisms of the brilliant Mad Mad: Fury Road by MRA (Men's Rights Activists) bloggers. This video expertly takes a sour subject and turns it into comedy gold.

Spectre: Is The Past Going To Catch Up With James Bond 007? by Mark Sohn

Mark applies his seemingly encyclopedic knowledge of the James Bond franchise to determine the direction of 007's latest outing, SPECTRE. Showing himself to be a true fan, these are exactly the kind of posts that put super-fans ahead of the critics. An absolute must read for all Bond fans!

Portraits of The Dark Knight by ZX Wang

As any fan of Batman will know, there are countless incarnations of the character. However, ZX Wang has still managed to create a truly unique image of Bruce Wayne as he dons the batsuit. Check out the incredible quality of Wang's work and I can promise you won't be disappointed!

Why The Fantastic Four Would Make a Better TV Show Than a Movie by Michael Carline

Fans of the Fantastic Four franchise are, to put it lightly, divided when it comes to Fox's upcoming action adventure. Michael Carline puts forward a case for why the franchise would be a perfect fit for the small screen, something that would have been deemed slightly insulting just a few years ago. However, with current superhero shows such as Daredevil hitting out TV sets by storm, Michael's post offers perspective on how superheroes can be handled across varying mediums. No matter what your feelings towards the upcoming release is, you will surely love reading this post!

And there we have it, ten of the greatest posts from this week!

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