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Ruben Meloney Acuña

ok so we have all read the viral books of the fifty shades trilogy, and thought it was oh so steamy, hot and sexy. However, book to film is always a let down right, right! Fifty shades of Grey was one of the most popular films for valentine's day EVER!!!! it broke box office records for its opening night.

Now, i see blogs and facebook posts and tweets saying that the movie isnt good but is there anyone out there willing to defend it. first off they say it was a awkward movie because the characters did not have anything in common and the actors did not have any chemistry. but that makes me wonder if anyone who has thrown shade on the film has actually read the books.

In the first book the characters did not, i repeat did not have any chemistry, but somehow they made it work. honestly i think alot of people were turned off to the fact that Jamie dorian got the part because everyone was looking for to Charlie hunnam playing Christian. but you know what, Jamie Dorian did a really good job in playing Christian Grey, don't get me wrong i had my doubts too, because who isnt a Jax Teller fan. so dont knock it until you have read both and take Charlie out of your mind. so cheers, here's to Dakota and Jamie and their upcoming Fifty Shade Darker and Freed i look forward to it.


What did you think about the Fifty Shades film?


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